Cosmo's Factory - The Internet's Largest Rocky Horror Web Site - Running Sunglasses and Facial Types

Brad Majors  Name: Barry Bostwick
  Role: Brad Majors

Janet Wiess  Name: Susan Sarandon (Susan Abigail Tomalin)
  Role: Janet Weiss

Frank-n-Furter  Name: Tim Curry
  Role: Dr. Frank-n-Furter

Rocky  Name: Peter Hinwood
  Role: Rocky Horror

Riff-Raff  Name: Richard O'Brien
  Role: Riff-Raff

Magenta  Name: Patricia Quinn
  Role: Magenta

Columbia  Name: Laura 'Little Nell' Campbell
  Role: Columbia

Eddie  Name: Marvin (Michael) Lee 'Meat Loaf' Aday
  Role: Eddie

The Criminologist  Name: Charles Grey
  Role: The Criminologist

Dr. Scott  Name: Johnathan Adams
  Role: Dr. Everett V. 'Von' Scott

Dr. Scott  Name: Jeremy Newsome
  Role: Ralph Hapschatt

Jeremy Newson  Name: Hilary Labow
  Role: Betty Munroe-Hapschatt

Koo Stark  Name: Koo Stark
  Role: Bridesmaid

Christopher Biggins  Name: Christopher Biggins
  Role: Transylvanian

Imogen Claire  Name: Imogene Claire
  Role: Transylvanian

Ishaq Bux  Name: Ishaq Bux
  Role: Transylvanian

Rufus Collins  Name: Rufus Collins
  Role: Transylvanian

Kimi Wong  Name: Kimi Wong-O'Brien
  Role: Transylvanian

Stephen Calcutt  Name: Stephen Calcutt
  Role: Transylvanian

Annabel Leventon  Name: Annabel Leventon
  Role: Transylvanian

Fran Fullenwider  Name: Fran Fullenwider
  Role: Transylvanian

Gaye Brown  Name: Gaye Brown
  Role: Transylvanian

Henry Woolf  Name: Henry Woolf
  Role: Transylvanian

Hugh Cecil  Name:Hugh Cecil
  Role: Transylvanian

Lindsay Ingram  Name: Lindsay Ingram
  Role: Transylvanian

Pam Obermeyer  Name: Pam Obermeyer
  Role: Transylvanian

Peggy Ledger  Name: Peggy Ledger
  Role: Transylvanian

Perry Bedden  Name: Perry Bedden
  Role: Transylvanian

Sadie Corre  Name: Sadie Corre
  Role: Transylvanian

Tony Milner  Name:Anthony Milner
  Role: Transylvanian

Tony Then  Name: Tony Then
  Role: Transylvanian

Brian Thompson  Name: Lou Adler
  Job: Executive Producer

Brian Thompson  Name: Brian Thompson
  Job: Production Manager

Jim Sharman  Name: Jim Sharman
  Job: Writer

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