• Longest Running Rocky Horror Picture Show:
    Allentown Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley Mall

  • Largest crowd to see Rocky Horror at one time:
    Friday, August 15th,2003 at the Brookhaven Amphitheatre the attendance
    record for any Rocky Horror screening was
    set at 3269 people. This was at an outdoor pavilion.

  • 2nd Largest crowd to see Rocky Horror at one time:
    On July 11th, 2001 over 2500 People attended Red Rocks Amphitheater in
    Denver, Colorado Read the news story

  • World Record for Timewarping:
    "4,446 children danced the Time Warp and 4,506 children disco danced at an
    event organize by Mardi Gras Promotions Ltd at the national exhibition centre
    Birmingham England on June 18-2000"
    From Guinness book of world records 2001

  • First Established Cast:
    Need Info.

  • Longest Running Established Cast:
    Need Info.

  • Longest playing one part:
    Need Info.

  • Oldest Cast Web Site:
    The Denton Affair Cincinnati, Ohio, December 1993.
    Side Note: Cosmo's Factory was originally to be the cast page for
    The Denton Affair. The name was later stolen by and they took their new
    name www.rhps-in-cincinnati.com

  • Oldest cast member still acting regularly:
    Need Info.

  • Youngest cast member acting regularly:
    Travis & Andrew acting at the Nuart in Westwood.
    Andrew started acting regularly at the age of 12

  • Oldest Rocky Horror Web Site / FTP Site:
    Zenin's Rocky Horror Archive
    Bet you thought it was Cosmo's Factory didn't you?

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