Rocky Horror In Print:

Mad magazine
Mad often has sly references to Rocky (cartoons in marginals etc.) One time they did a parody of "The Drew Carey Show" doing a parody of "The Time Warp", complete with flying props and audience call-backs. Very good drawing of Riff, though. Submitted By: Kyria

Magic the Gathering
In the magic the gathering card game the card Time Walk the flavor text on the card says lets do it again!
Submitted By: Bill C.

Companions of the Night
The two main characters are sitting at a diner and a bunch of kids come in, really loud and dressed odd ((as far as the girl can see, i don't think of it as odd)) and the vampire across from her says "It's Rocky Horror" or something like that.... Submitted By: Kitsune B.

The Perks of Being A Wallflower by (Stephen Chbosky)
The main character and his friends sponsor the weekly showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, act in the floor show and print a weekly magazine called Punk Rocky, all about RHPS updates and punk rock.
Submitted By: Natalie

State by State starring The State
there is test in the Alabama section that says "Ok Vern you can borrow my boa today but next week i', playing Frank N Furter!"
Submitted By: Hedwig N. Furter