All the extra's on the set during Hot Pattotie
The stuntman playing Eddie
The Stuntman's Feet Dont Touch the Floor

Screw Ups:

The top picture the tank cover is against the wall.. and the second is around the bottom.

Screw Ups:

The reflection in the monitor is not the scene that
is being shot with Frank.

Screw Ups:

The cable pulling the wheelchair.

Screw Ups:

Top scene we see a red rug... Next we don't!

In the wedding scene, Ralph's parents run up the stairs of the church twice.

Screw Ups:

In the widescreen version, as Brad and Janet talk on the steps of the church, the overhead boom mike drops into the shot several times.

Screw Ups:

As Brad gives Janet the ring, Janet's purse moves from in front to behind her and then back in each edit.

Screw Ups:

During "There's A Light", it's raining heavily on Brad and Janet. but, when the camera closes in on Riff in the window, none of the rain appears to be hitting the window.

Screw Ups:

During "Time Warp", the "roly-poly Trannie" sets down the food tray he's holding. in the very next scene, he has it back in his hand again.

Screw Ups:

Since the lab doesn't appear to have a door, how is it possible for all of the Trannies to get into the elevator, ride it up to the lab, and send it back down in time for everyone else to use it?

Screw Ups:

If you look closely at the widescreen version of the film as Frank pushes the pummel horse out of the way, there appears to be a rope pulling it on the far right hand side of the screen.

Screw Ups:

There's already blood in the freezer as Eddie crawls in.

Screw Ups:

How does Columbia stop screaming so quickly when Frank exits the freezer?

Screw Ups:

As Janet rides the elevator back up to the lab after her sexual encounter with Frank, the camera shows that she still has on her panty hose.

Screw Ups:

What exactly is the floor plan of the house? Dr. Scott comes in through the back wall, which means he had to be in a room higher than the lab.

Screw Ups:

When everyone is turned into statues, whatever clothes they have on fall off. but, Dr. Scott's statue appears to still have the blanket over his lap. and, when he's "brought back", he has all of his clothes back on but fishnets and heels underneath. Did he always have them on? if not, did they have to revive him, take off his pants, put on the stockings, put his pants back on, and then "restatue" him again?

Screw Ups:

As they back away from Frank as Riff takes over, Janet steps on Brad's foot.

Screw Ups:

As the castle takes off, if you look through the clouds, you can see that the actual house is still there.

Screw Ups:

Magenta throws Brads vest twice when she's undressing him
- Miss M (cast of Sensual Daydreams Milwaukee, WI.)

Screw Ups:

At the end of Superheroes, Dr Scott is seen laying on top of the remnants of his destroyed wheel chair. but, when Brad and Janet helped him out, the chair was nowhere in sight.
Thanks to for the last 12 or so.

Screw Ups:

it takes play in "the wedding scene" when we first see the ugly camera man,,his camera has an old fashioned flash which is a round metal dish with a flashbulb inside,, when he takes the wedding photo,,the camera has a modern electronic flash on it!!!!
-Dan Lyons

Screw Ups:

When Dr. Scott first discovers backstage before the floor show that he is wearing nylons and lifts his leg up stroking it.. in the next shot, when he wheels across the stage kicking his leg up, he is only wearing a high heeled shoe, with no nylons.

Screw Ups:

Although I originally thought it was the boom mike on the church steps, closer inspection reveals it is just the hanging lamp above them, swinging around.

Screw Ups:

Is that a rope I see pulling away the castle backdrop as it takes off?

Screw Ups:

Frankie knocks over the whip when he knocks into the ladder during Planet, Schmanet, Janet.

Screw Ups:

Not a mistake, per se: Riff's hair gets caught on Columbia's hat during the end of Sweet Transvevtite.

Screw Ups:

After Frankie kisses Janet's hand, as she puts it back by her side, you can see his lipstick on it. When she reaches out to take the shirt Brad didn't hand to her, it's gone!

Screw Ups:

Are Columbia's breasts trying to pop out? There's the floor show, of course. (Rose tits my world...) And there's also when she's bitching at Frankie, and a nipple pops out of a hole in her P.J.'s. AND, while her and Magenta are fooling around in the bedroom, her P.J.'s repeatedly try to expose her.

Screw Ups:

Transylvanians may be different, but unless they eat in their sleep, there's no real reason Magenta should have been preparing dinner. They had, after all, gone to bed already.

Screw Ups:

Why does Brad smile at Magenta during the Time Warp, when she says "Not for very much longer," when he's supposedly creeped out? Did Pat goof and Barry noticed, and therefore smiled?

Screw Ups:

Perhaps it was Magenta who took away and replaced the infamous red carpet. This tripped Columbia while she was tapdancing. I figure that's it because Columbia seems pretty pissed at her when they line up for the Time Warp's final chorus. And also, how do Magenta and Riff get back by the jukebox so quickly after dancing during the second chorus? I've never been able to pull that off when acting. (Note that when I say chorus, I'm including Crim's lines.)

Screw Ups:

not only before the floor scene does Dr. Scott not have on the nylons but he once had on red heels and then as rolling across the stage they are black.

Screw Ups:

in the dinner scene after frank says "or shall i say, Dr. von Scott" and Brad gets angry and yells 'just what exactly are you implying?" he slams his left fist down on the table and on top of Janet's hand. You can see her jump and pull her right hand towards her. a few seconds later janet appears to be rubbing her injured hand

Screw Ups:

Eddie's black eye changes eyes during "hot patootie" while he's riding his motorcycle

Screw Ups:

Is Frank's "Boss" tattoo supposed to be real? Cos it washes off.. but it comes back again.

During Time Warp, Columbia's hat is on the floor in one scene then on her head again in the next.

Brad's lab coat/robe opens and closes.

Frank's gloves are rolled differently in different shots.

She's supposed to be stuck to the floor, but Janet lifts her heel.

Riff-Raff chases Rocky with a candelabra, then puts it on a table. Where did the table come from?

When Brad, Dr Scotty, Janet, Columbia and Rocky are turned into stone, the statues poses are different to what the people were.

The heart Brad draws on the church doors changes shape.

Janets screams continues even after she's fainted

When he's rolling around on the floor with Columbia, Eddie's suspenders disappear.

When Frankie pushes the lever for the magnets he starts to lift one leg, but in the next shot it's the opposite leg he's lifted.

Riff pulls the napkin out of Scotty's glass twice.

Columbia paints Magenta's toes with invisible nail polish- there's nothing there!

During "Planet, Schmanet, Janet" Frankie pulls down Janet's bra strap, but in the next shot it's back up again.

Brad is served pieces of Eddie twice, but he only has one piece on his plate.

The steps to the Time Warp are a jump to the left and a step to the right, but if I remember properly, they were jumping to the right and stepping to the left.

In the creation of Rocky scene, the people in the balcony are making noise with noisemakers, but when the noise stops they are still twirling the (silent) noisemakers.

After Janet catches the bouquet, you see a woman in a blue dress behind her walk to the left of screen. In the next shot, she is standing up from her position, facing to the right, where she just stood up from. She then smiles...again...and exits off left...again!

When Frank goes over to the water cooler in Sweet Transvestite, the camera, turning to follow him, jiggles, as if someone had run into it. Watch carefully, it's hard to catch

When the group sits down to dinner, there is no tablecloth on the table. It's wooden. But later, Frank N. Furter pulls off a tablecloth to reveal Eddie.

After Frank pulls off the table cloth, you see EVERYTHING on the table get swept off, but a minute later his completely clean plate is back in place.

When Brad and Janet are walking through the graveyard you can see the shadows of the cameraman on the tombstones in front of them.

During "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me", you can see something blocking the left half of the shot, and we can see only Janet on the right. There is nothing in the middle of the room, so what is it?

Just before Frank and Rocky begin their walk toward the 'somber bridal suite,' there is a shot of the curtains opening to reveal the room. Columbia is seated on a motorcycle in the bottom corner of the shot. As the shot begins, she is smiling at someone off camera.

When Frank and Rocky are walking, Columbia is sitting on Eddie's bike off to the left. But if you look closely, you'll see that she is actually sitting a good 8 inches or so ABOVE the bike. So, what IS she sitting on? (This was probably done because the way she was sitting would have tipped the bike over..)

When Frank is coming down in the lift, Janet, turning to see who it is, screams, lifting her left hand to her forehead. But a moment later she is slumped down, her right hand to her brow.

During the dinner scene, Dr. Scott's napkin starts out in a tankard. Scotty pulls the napkin out and places it in his lap. Wine is then poured into the tankard and the toast is made, however whenever the camera shot is on Rocky, the tankard is seen in the foreground and still has the napkin in it.

In the pool scene, Brad loses a shoe, and you can see him grab it over the heads of the rest of the cast.

When Magenta is undressing Brad, he unbuttons his cuff buttons, and crosses his arms so she could get his shirt off easier.

Janet has both the bouquet and the purse in her hand when Brad pulls out the ring. A minute later, the purse is on the ground, but there is no bouquet in sight.

When Frank faces Riff-Raff for the final time, we see that he is on the first step. Then Columbia screams, Riff turns and fires, and we see that Frank is now on the stage (3 steps higher)

When Eddie comes out of the Deep Freeze, the Trannies strike shocked poses, except for the blonde one, who looks at the ceiling.

When Frank, Riff-Raff, and Brad are coming up in the elevator, while Frank is hitting Riff with the whip, you can see Brad is laughing.

During "Sweet Transvestite" Riff-Raff is behind both Columbia and Magenta, but when Frank-N-Furter walks down the aisle moments later Riff-Raff is right in front.

As the Transylvanians run around the lab, being chased by Eddie, the head of a statue gets knocked off. Moments later, we see the head has somehow been placed back on the body.

In the car, Janet's cardigan looks blue, but when they're in the castle it's white.

When Dr Scott apparently gets dragged along by the magnet, after he smashes through the wall he STOPS, then turns and PUSHES HIS OWN WHEELS down the ramp.

In the creation scene, the statues on the side of the stage where Frank gives his speech have speakers under the arms. In the "Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" scene you can clearly see that they are no longer there, but perhaps that was because they were no longer needed.(?)

The sax that Eddie plays has no reed or ligature (the thing that holds the reed on) (Courtesy of someone who knows about these things.)

The house has stairs in front. This would make it hard for Dr Scott (in a wheelchair) to get inside..

When everyone's in the pool for "Wild and Untamed Thing"; the order they're in, in the high-angle shot, is Janet, Rocky, Brad, Columbia. When they pop up out of the pool it's Rocky, Columbia, Janet, Brad. They must swim pretty quickly to switch around so fast.

The tank that Rocky comes out of is full of water, but when next seen it is empty and dry.

If you look closely at the wall when Rocky jumps out of the tank, you can see bright red writing, but in the next few scenes, when Rocky has stopped singing and is sitting on the side of the tank, the writing is gone.

When Frank is singing "I'm Going Home", his back is toward the stage. If you look at the top of the screen you can see a catwalk on the stage; then, all of a sudden, someone walks across it.

In the wedding scene Janet is wearing black, stacked-heel shoes. But later, in the castle, she clearly is wearing white shoes.

When Janet goes up the lift in order to find Brad, you can see the seam of her flesh-coloured tights over her toes. However, when she is with Rocky minutes later, she has no tights on.

When Frank is in the pool on his own, he is floating on an "S.S Titanic" life-saver. When Rocky runs to pick up Frank after he's fallen, you can see the life preserver hanging up in the background. Who did that?

When Frank N' Furter is bringing his creature to life, Riff-Raff is shown cranking the wheel clockwise to lower the control panel. When Rocky is "born", he turns it clockwise to lift him into the air. Wouldn't he have to turn it the other way (counter-clockwise) to lift?

When Rocky is being unwrapped, you can see two narrow pieces of bandage going over his shoulders, near his neck. In the next shot, he is spinning while they are holding the bandage to unwrap his torso, and the narrow bandages are nowhere to be seen. Since they were underneath his chest/torso bandages, they wouldn't have been taken off already...

- KyriaJ W.

Screw Ups:

During Hot Patootie, a female Trannie says "Lovely party" while dancing but her lips don't move.

Frank's pink lab gloves are covered with "blood" after he kills Eddie, yet there isn't any blood on the pickax handle.

We see Janet go up the elevator after her encounter with Frank. She isn't wearing her shoes. then during Planet Schmanet, Janet she IS wearing her shoes. Did she go all the way back to her room just to get her shoes before dinner?

In one scene of Wild & Untamed Thing, while they are all doing the Cancan, Rocky is seen kicking his legs up at the same height as the others, then when we see Dr. Scott wheeling around behind them its a clear shot of their legs. It seems that Rocky didn't want to kick his legs any higher than a foot.

When we see Rocky chained to the bed in the "somber bridal suite" both of his legs are chained to it. We next see him pulling the chain from his left leg off the bed. When did he pull the right chain off?

During dinner, Rocky's salad disappears and reappears.

While Frank is cutting the meat Rocky picks up his glass of wine and Frank gets mad. When we see Rocky set the glass down, Riff is pouring wine into another glass that is just barely visible in the foreground. Whose was it? Because we see Riff fill Dr. Scott's glass in the next picture. It couldn't have been Brad's he was too far away. . .

When Frank asks Brad if he has any tattoos, Brad is holding his shirt closed. In the next scene it's all buttoned up. Just when exactly did he do that?

We see Columbia take Brad and Janet to their rooms and they are not wearing the shirts that Frank told them to put on. Did he want the shirts back or something?

Columbia's socks change from light blue to periwinkle.

During Eddie, when Dr. Scott says "taking everyone for a ride" he sets down his knife and fork. Frank had just hinted they were eating Eddie and everybody (except Rocky) dropped the eating utensils. Why exactly would Dr. Scott have picked up his knife and fork again if he knew they were eating his nephew?

Last, but not least, after Riff shoots him, Frank falls to the floor from the curtain. When he hits the ground his head is facing left. Rocky runs to him and uncovers him and ĪgaspĪ Frank's head isn't turned to the left anymore! It's facing straight forward! If Frank is already dead when he hits the floor, would he be able to change the position of his head?

Frank's eye make-up changes during Sweet T.

the floorshow clothes on the statues are different from the ones they are wearing. Brad's is the easiest to spot this on

- OxOx Magenta.

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