• Technical Specs:
    Film length (metres) 2680 m (Sweden)
    Film negative format (mm/video inches) 35 mm
    Cinematographic process Spherical
    Printed film format 35 mm
    Aspect ratio
    RAT:1.66 : 1 (Ratio OFM) and RAT:1.85 : 1 (Intended Ratio)

  • Companies used in making of Rocky Horror
    Camera Effects Ltd. (title sequences)
    Deluxe Laboratories, Inc. (prints)
    Nine Nine Cars, Ltd. (action cars)
    Olympic Studios (Music recorded at)
    Rank Film Laboratories (film processing)
    Ruby Service Company (production services)
    Thorn-EMI Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire, England (post-production)

  • The Bottom Line
    Gross $134.198m (USA)
    Rentals $44.114m (USA)
    Filming Studio Location Bray Studios, Berkshire, England, UK

  • Release Dates:
    USA: 29 September 1975
    Germany: 24 June 1976
    Sweden: 4 June 1978
    South Korea: 20 June 1998

  • Produced by: 20th Century Fox [us]

  • Rating:
    UK:12 / USA:R / France:-12 / Germany:12 / Sweden:15

  • Language: English

  • Runtime:
    Standard USA:100 / Sweden:98
    UK Release w/Super Heros: 104

  • Sound Mix:
    Chace Surround (Remix for video release) / Mono