• Auction: Where someone in the audience bids something disgusting for a
        virgin during preshow and they have to sit by them.

  • Asshole: Someone playing Brad Majors

  • Bitch: Someone who has slept with many members of the cast, except you

  • Blocking: The way one actor interfaces with another, the direction they walk,
         look, and so one

  • Cast Asshole: Someone who intentionally starts trouble within the cast.
        Every cast has one.

  • Cast Bitch: Someone who has slept with many members of a cast except you

  • Cast Druggy: Every cast has one. Someone who hits drugs a little harder
        then everyone else and it ruins their performance.

  • Cast Slut: Someone who has slept with many members of a cast

  • Chain Gang: The act where a non-virgin stands behind a virgin and gives them
        pelvic thrusts while the audience sings Chain Gang by Sam Cooke

  • Con: A Rocky Horror Convention

  • Costume Nazi: A cast member who bitches about everyones costume

  • Crim: Refers to the Criminologist

  • Cripple (aka The Fucking Cripple): Someone playing Dr. Scott

  • Domestic: Someone playing Magenta

  • Full Cast: Someone playing every part

  • Floorshow: The part of the movie near the end where the floorshow scene
        begins (Beginning of Rose Tint my World)

  • Floorshow Cast: A group that acts out the Rocky Horror Picture Show infront
        of a movie screen.

  • Little Bitch: Someone playing Columbia or Columbia herself

  • Loser: Someone who torments people who go to Rocky.
        Quotes religous crap, etc..

  • Masterbater: Someone who has seen Rocky Horror on VHS/DVD but is ether too
        young to go see it live (Because thier parents are pricks) or too poor, is too lazy
        to go or unfortunity lives in Hicksville where everywhere closes at seven o'clock

  • M.C. The Master of Ceremonies, the person who hosts the preshow

  • Onion Operator: A Lighting Person

  • Orgasm Contest: Where a group of virgins have to fake an orgasm as part
        of a preshow

  • Pelvic Thrust: The act where you grab someones hips and simulate intercourse.
        Quite roughly

  • Preshow: The time before the show where you get the audience pumped up,
        have virgin auctions etc.

  • Props: Any item used by the cast for the production of the show

  • Riff: Someone who is playing Riff-Raff

  • Ritz: Usually refers to Richard O'Brien

  • Screen Accurate: Being as close to the movie as possible. Usually pertains to
        costumes or acting style. A screen accurate Eddie would have an
        tenor saxaphone, a non-screen accurate Eddie would use something else.

  • Slut: Someone playing Janet Wiess

  • Slut: submitted by KyriaJW - the opposite to "Virgin", a veteran theatre goer who
        has seen the "real" show, knows the parts, acts out
        scenes, and dresses up etc.

  • Tank: A large box used mainly during creation scene, resembling the "tank"
        in the movie.

  • Techie: One who runs lights or sets up props for the show

  • Trannie: submitted by: Jason from Divine Decadence (trannie) someone
        with no life, usually an underage cast member , who believes that happiness is
        just a jump to the left and a step to the right, this person also has dreams of
        playing Riff or Magenta in hopes of some day that it will help their chances
        of some day getting with some one other then the cast slut or their left hand
        will in prove, but sadly this person usually ends up stalking some poor girl on
        the internet from Midnight Insanity while jacking off to the Barely Legal porn
       pictures from wet t-shirt night.... oh wait that's me.

  • Tunnel of Love: Where a virgin has to craw on their hands and knees thru
        the legs of other virgins and get spanked as part of preshow

  • Virgin: Someone who has never seen Rocky Horror in a theater

  • Video Virgin: someone ho has seen RHPS on tv or video/dvd, but is too
        poor/deprived/cheap/lazy/chicken to see it live

  • Wall: A large prop containing the Monitor, Medusa, Triple Contact and the
        Magnet resembling the "wall" from the movie.

    These are some of the terms I've heard over the years.
    Got more? Email Me