Do you know one I missed or know a city for one of the ones listed with no city next to it ?
Email it to me.

Ones not listed: 17th St. Players
20 Fiction
76th St. Players
8th Street Players - New York, NY. (1980s-'90s?)
A Jump to the Left - Tucson, AZ
A Rather Tasteless Joke Rochester, NY
Absent Friends
Absolute Insanity
Absolute Pleasure - Biloxi, MS
Absolute Pleasure - Bozeman, MT
Absolute Pleasure - Petaluma, CA
Absolute Pleasure Players
After Midnight
Alter Egos
Angels With Hard-Ons - St. Louis, MO
Animatronically Correct Players
Another Planet
Anticipation Players
Apple Pie - Chico, CA
Army Of High Heels - Switzerland
As The Fishnets Run - Charlotte, NC
Bacchanalia Productions formerly Krazie Aliens - Bayville, NJ
Back Row Productions, Charleston, SC
Barely Legal - Oakland, CA
Beautiful Creatures - Houston, TX
Beyond Any Measure - Flagstaff, AZ
Bluemouseketeers - Tacoma, Washington
Bonnie's Paradise Players Acting Troupe - Daytona Beach, FL
Bourne Agane Productions - Teaneck, NJ
Broadway Bound & Gagged - Tempe, AZ
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, The
Cabbage Snatch Kids
Canada Mercy Killings - Montreal, Quebec
Canada Orgasmic Rush - Ottawa, Ontario
Canada Rich Wierdos - Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Cards 4 Sorrow - Brisbane, Australia
Carefree Players
Carnal Atrocities
Cast Incognito
Cast Nouveau
Cast Nu-Vo
Castle Transylvanians
Castle Transylvanians - Towson, MD
Celluloid Jam - Milwaukee, WI (1980s?)
Cepheid Variable - College Station, TX
Chapter 13 Foundation - Indianapolis, IN
Charleston Cherry Poppers
Charming Underclothes - London, England Old web site
Charming Underclothes (Nocturnal Theatre Society)
Chuckies Angels - Bowling Green, OH
Chucky's Angels
Circus of the Night
Clinton Street Cabaret - Portland, OR
Clinton Street Cabaret! Portland, OR
Colorado's Elusive Ingredient
Colorado's Elusive Ingredient - Denver, CO
Common Decency
Completely Crazy - Chicago, IL
Cosmic Light
Cosmic Light Players, Dallas, TX, 1992
Cosmic Vibrators
Crazed Imaginations - SanDiego, CA
Creatures of the Night - Haifa, Israel
Crotchless Underwear - Bowling Green, OH
Dark Refrain
Deadly Pace
Deep Throat Nine
Denton Bunch
Denton Crowes
Denton Dead
Denton Delinquents
Denton Delinquents - San Leandro, CA
Denton Drama Department
Denton Drama Troupe
Denton Episcopalians Toronto, Canada
Denton High - Tampa, FL (former cast, 1997-1998)
Denton Junior Chamber of Commerce
Denver's Dynamic Tension
Diabolical Plan - Milan, Italy or try Diabolical Plan - Milan, Italy
Diabolical Plan Milan, Italy
Divine Decadence - Las Vegas, NV
Doctor Scott's Extra Forks - Glasgow, Scotland
Double Feature - Berkeley, CA. (1970s--before Indecent Exposure)
Downing Street Irregulars
Dr. Scott's Extra Forks
Dr. X's Feature Creatures
Dynamic Tension - Denver, CO Homeless cast
Ed Wood Players, The
Eighth Fork, The
Equal Opportunity Offenders
Erotic Nightmare Cast - Columbia, MO
Erotic Nightmares Beyond Any Measure Players
Evil Deeds
Evils, The
Excited Mental State
F5 aka Charming Assholes - Spartanburg, SC
Fantasie Factory
Fishnet Bliss - A cast in, I kid you not, Zagreb, Croatia.
Fishnet Dreams and Stranger Things
Fishnet, Inc. - Norfolk, VA
Flaming Heterosexuals - Brandon / Tampa Bay, FL
Forbidden Fruit - Eugene, OR
Forces Of Darkness
Formal Dress Optional of Newark, Delaware. (Formerly Sincere Lust)
Frankie's Favorite Obsession of Las Vegas, NV
Frank-N-Fetish Quest For A Beauty Queen
Frank-N-Fettish Waukegan IL
Frank's Angels
Frank's Babies
Frank's Follies - Indianapolis, IN
Frank's Virgin Ears
Frank's Virgin Ear's - San Francisco, CA
Friday Insanity
Front Row Players, The
Fruit Soup
Full Body Cast - Cambridge, MA
Fun in the Dark - Sydney, Australia
Fun in the Dark Sydney, Austalia
Gainesville Cast
Ghost Cast
Heavy Petting - Tucson, AZ
Heretics, The
Holocast, The
Home of Happiness - France
Home of Happiness - Montclair, NJ
Home Of Happiness, The
Hostile Takeover
Hot and Flustered
Hot Groins, The
Houston's Rocky Horror Casts of the Past -
Immaculate Misconceptions - Tacoma, WA. (1994-1995)
Immortal Wombats, The
Indecent Exposure - Berkeley, CA
Inside Insanity - Pearl River, NY Extinct cast
Interchangeable Parts - Pinellas, FL
Irish Creamers, The
Irish Rocky Horror Picture Show - Dublin, Ireland
Jump To The Left, A
Junior Chamber Of Commerce - Balboa, CA. (1990-1991)
Junior Chamber of Commerce Players - Pittsburgh, PA
Junior Chamber Of Commerce, The
Knoxville, TN RHPS Cast Homeless cast
Krazie Aliens
Lamda Psi Phi - Atlanta, GA
Larger Than Life
Latter-Day Transvestites - Salt Lake City, Utah
Legends, Inc. - Malibu, CA. (1991)
Less Vulnerable, Bedford, Beds, United Kingdom.
Lingerie Lizards
Lip Service Fishnets and Platforms - Balfast, Northern Ireland
Lips Down On Dixie--Atlanta, GA
Lip Sync
LIPS - Tokyo, Japan
LIPS - University of Albany in Albany, NY
Lips Service - Montclair, CA. (Saturday nights; 1990s)
Little Morals - Nashville, Tn
Live Nude Girls
Los Bastardos - Carrollton, TX
Low Down Cheap Little Punks Raleigh, NC
Lowdown Cheap Little Punks - Edmonton, Alberta
Loyal Servants of Denton (LSD)
Madison Theater - Peoria, IL
Madness Tolls
Magic Lust Puppies, The
Magical Lust Puppies - Panorama City, CA. (1992)
Malicious Intent
Marley Madness
Master's Affairs, The
Masters Servants, The
Meat Packer's Local 274306, The
Mental Mindf*cks - Rochester, NY
Mercy Killings - Montreal, Canada
Metro Detroit Rocky Horror Cast - Detroit, MI
Midnight Crew, The
Midnight Insanity - Long Beach, CA
Midnight Madness - Evanston IL
Midnight/Midnite Express, The
Montclair Playthings - Montclair, CA
Montreal RHPS Cast
Naive Charm, Seattle, WA
Nasty Little Symptoms
Natural Born Chaos Cast - Nashua, NH
Near Death Experience - Tampa, FL
New York City Cast
No Picnic
Nocturnal Vegetables
Nonoxynol 9 - Atlanta, GA
Northcross Dressers
Not-Ready-For-Bedtime-Players, The
Ordinary Healthy Kids - Modesto, CA
Orgasmic Rush - Ottawa, Canada
Original Sins of the Flesh Players of Southern California, The
Out Past Curfew
Paradise Players
Patricia Quinn's LIPPs
Picture Show Players, The
Pink Invaders, The
Pink Prism Productions
Plan B From Denton High - Tampa, FL (current cast)
Psychotic Cabaret
Queen William Players - Williamsburg, VA
Queerios - Austin, TX
Random Comment Players
Real Horrorshow - Melbourne, AU
Rebel Cast Alliance - Montclair, CA. (Friday nights; 1992-1995)
Regular Frankie Fan Club - Kansas City, KS
Regular Frankie Fan Club - Kansas City, MO
Rich Weirdos
Rich Weirdos - Vancouver, Canada
Richard O'Brien's Phuck Phest Phollies
RKO Players - Providence, RI
Rocky Horror Crew, The
Rocky Horror Electric Company, The
Rocky Horror Revue, The
Rocky Horror Stage Show, The
Rocky Unbound
Rocky Whores - Pasadena, CA
Rocky's Angels
Rocky's Horrz - Redondo Beach, CA. (1990-1992)
Rose Tint Revue - Ukiah, CA
Sadistic Pleasure
Sadistic Seduction
Satanic Jello - Buffalo, NY
Satanic Mechanics
Satanic Mechanix
Save RHPS in Bowling Green, OH
Seduction Productions
Seminole Vesicles
Sensual Daydreams - Milwaukee, WI
Sensual Daydreams - Modesto, CA
Sensual Nightmares - Melbourne, FL
Sibling Rivalry
Simply His Servants - Cleveland, OH
Sincere Lust - Newark, DE
Sins O' The Flesh W Los Angeles, CA
Sins of the Flesh - Lehigh Valley Allentown, PA
Slow Children At Play - Philadelphia, PA
Slurpee Sluts
Small Furry Animals with Duct Tape - Dallas, TX
Star City Players
Superheroes Reproductions
Sweet Sensations
Sweet Temptations
Sweet Transvestites
Symptom, The
Tasty Stuff - Baton Rouge, LA
Technical Difficulties
Technical DiffiCULTies - Redondo Beach, CA
Tentatively Named Star City Players, The
Teseracte Players
The Absent Friends - France
The Animatronically Correct Players - Columbus, OH
The Art Theater - Binghamton, NY
The Back Row Players - Lakeland/St. Pete Beach/Orlando, FL
The Bawdy Caste - Fremont, CA
The Bawdy Caste Menlo Park, CA
The Beautiful Creatures Houston, TX
The Carefree Players - West Palm Beach, FL
The Dayton Affair - Dayton, OH
The Denton Affair - Cincinnati, OH
The Denton Bunch - Woodland Hills, CA. (1991)
The Denton Delinquents - Montclair, CA. (1995-1998)
The Ed Wood Players - Colton, CA. (1996-1998)
The Front Row Players - Columbus, OH
The Houston Rocky Horror Picture Show - Houston, TX
The Junior Chamber Of Commerce Players - Pittsburgh, PA
The Justice League of Denton Wichita, KS
The Lexington Kentucky Cast, Lexington, KY
The Montreal Cast - Montreal, Canada
The New York City RHPS Cast - New York City, NY
The Nymphettes - Adelaide South Australia
The Official NYC Rocky Horror Cast Site - New York City, NY
The Picnic
The Pink Invaders - Merrillville, IN
The Purple Onion - Albuquerque, NM
The RKO Players - Warwick, RI
The Satanic Mechanics - Baltimore, MD
The Star City Players - Lincoln, NE
The Sweet Transvestites - Paris, France
The Teseracte Players - Boston, MA
The Time Warped Cast Des Moines, Iowa
The Tolls of Madness Cast - Blacksburg, VA
The Transducer Players' - Mount Ephraim, NJ
The Transexual Misfits - Elkton, MD
The Transylvanian Electric Company - New Orleans, LA
The Transylvanian Experience - New Baltimore, MI
Transylvanian Workshop Players, Arlington & Hurst, TX, 198?-1992
The T-Town Transylvanians
The Vicarious Theatre Company - Seattle, WA
The Zen Room - San Luis Obispo, CA
The Zen Room Paris, France
This Way Production Company
Time Warped
Time Warped - Des Moines, IA
Tiny Fools
Tiny Fools - Madison, WI
Tolls of Madness
Tonight's Menu - Redondo Beach, CA. (1992-1994)
Too Much Coffee Cast - Ventura, CA.
Transducer Players, The
Transexual Misfits
Translucent Dreams - Edison, NJ
Transsexual Chincillas West Virginia
Transvestite Huskies... On a Schtick
Transvestite Preservation Society
Transvestite Preservation Society - New Mexico
Transvestite Soup - Minneapolis, MN
Transylvanian Electric Company
Transylvanian Gothic Cast - Stillwater, OK
Transylvanian Nipple Productions
Transylvanian Nipple Productions - Philadelphia, PA
Transylvanian Revue, The
Transylvanian Social Club, The
Transylvanian Warped Sensation, The
Transylvanian Workshop Players, The
Treasure Forever
Trixies Kidz - Dallastown, PA
Trixie's Toys
T-Town Transylvanians - Tacoma WA
U.F.O. - San Fernando Valley, CA.
Unconventional Conventionists - Santa Clara, CA
Unconventional Conventionists - Titusville, FL
Under Sedation - Citrus Heights, CA
Unloved Teddies
Vancouver, B.C. RHPS Cast - Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Vanilla Chalice
Velvet Darkness - San Jose, CA. (1990s)
Vicarious Theatre Company, The
Voyeuristic Intention - South Pasadena, CA. (1980-1999)
Weird Room Players - Lancaster, CA. (2000-2001)
What A Cult, The
Whip Lash, a new RHPS cast in Davis, CA
Whips, Tricks, and Pixy Stix
Whores of a Different Color
Wild & Untamed Things - West Hills, CA.
Wild And Untamed Players, The
Wild And Untamed Things, The
Ye Olde Cinema Tavern Players
Zen Room, The
ZipThud Productions