Rocky Horror on TV:

The show Freddie did an episode where they went to Rocky Horror. But I guess the cheap asses couldn't afford the rights because they showed nothing of the movie.

Family Guy:
There is a Family Guy episode entitled Damn it, Janet

Cold Case:
Cold Case did a wonderful episode where they were looking for a murder that happend that was connected to Rocky Horror in the 1970's Barry Bostwick played the killer.

Rocky Horror is mentioned in The Simpsons :
The Dr. is dressed in Frank garb and is seen standing outside a theater -
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That 70's Show
They did a Halloween episode in which the character Fes dresses up as Dr. Frank-n-Furter.
Submitted By: Isabelle

Sesame Street
Susan Sarendon guest-starred. She and the Count somehow ended up walking through the rain (I forget why) to get help. They come to an old castle, and decide to go in and ask to use the telephone. They knock, and the Count counts the knocks.. (ha ha ha). Submitted By: Kyria

Her kooky old grandma tells Pepper-Ann that she is going to "the show." Later in the show, the grandmother is in the kitchen singing "Time Warp."
Submitted By: Annie the Trannie

Count Duckula"
They spoof on RHPS. A duck version of Ralph and Janet walk to the castle in the rain to use the phone etc. The show featured the line: "Let us feast.. to taste the flesh not yet deceased.." Submitted By: Kyria

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
In, Sabrina and her aunt are going to Rocky Horror at midnight and Sabrina is dressed as Magenta.
Submitted By: ~Sara

Rocky Horror is mentioned in Daria:
Jane and Daria go to an Art Movie house where they are showing some show where fruit is in the title, and they encounter the jock and his girl, who are there with bags of groceries to throw at the screen because they had seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show there before, and they assumed it was the same way for this film. So they leave when Daria and Jane tell them it isn't so.

Rocky Horror is mentioned in Charles in Charge:
All of the kids are dressed up and Charles is supposed to take them.

Rocky Horror is butchered on the Drew Carey Show:
It's mentioned, some people are in costume, they don't even do the timewarp... Let's don't talk about this...

Rocky Horror is quoted in Rocko's Modern Life:
I forget which episode it was, but Rocko and Heffer and Philbert were unpacking some kind of big-ass machine (I think it was a vacuum cleaner or something) and the instructions (read by Rocko) were "an audio vibratory physio molecular something or other..."

Person A: It's a credit to your genius..
Person B: A triumph of your will
Person C: It's okay..
Taken verbatim from an episode of Rocko's Modern Life! :)

Rocky Horror is mentioned on "Beat the Geeks"
Host: (To contestant) Who is the actress in this picture, and what 1975 musical movie did she come out in? (To Movie Geek) Who's lips sang the title song, and who's voice was it?

A Rocky Horror T-Shirt is seen in Seredipity
Sara is wearing a RHPS shirt.

Red Dwarf
On the British sci-fi show, Red Dwarf, in the episode "Body Swap" on the wall of Lister's bunk there is the picture from the RHPS picture disk.
Submitted by cl_wazere

Rocky Horror is mentioned in Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Buffy says lets do the time warp again when she sees the adults acting like kids
submitted by Sian

Rocky Horror has been spoofed on Whose Line is it Anyway.
Wayne Brady had to do a coffee skit....and he did a spoof of the time warp....
something about putting coffee beans in a grinder....anyway it ended with"let's
grind some coffee again!!!!" ~~Kiana, Upstate New York

Rocky Horror is mentioned on Gilmore Girls
Lorelei and Rory made plans to go to "Rocky Horror." Lorelei says she's a Magenta, and Rory's usually Janet. And of course she tried to get Luke to dress up as Frank.
No, they didn't show them actually going to the show, but they talked about it enthusiastically. :-)
Submitted by Betty from Denton

On the old MTV show Sifl & Olly Sifl, Olly, Chester, Precious Roy and Flek sing Toucha Toucha Touch Me with the ghost of a virgin porn star.
Submitted by Betty from Ella