Rumor: The opening number, "Science Fiction Double Feature," contains references to many classic science fiction films. Originally, the credits rolled over a montage from these films, but audience reaction was poor.
The Truth: True

Rumor: David Bowie sang for Peter Hinwood in Rocky Horror
The Truth: FalseJim Sharman and Brian Thompson both said that the guys name was Trevor Horn.

Rumor: During Columbia's solo in "The Floor Show," both of her nipples stick out from her bustier. Later, in the swimming pool, her breasts fall out of the bustier completely.
The Truth: True

Rumor: Many of the guests at the wedding are Transylvanians.
The Truth: Few of them are, but I wouldn't say many.

Rumor: An extended final number appears in some American prints and the British tape release.
The Truth: Yes, it is Superheroes, now most new copies of the film made have it.

Rumor: It is rumoured that one country replaced the deleted "Once In A While" number by using lookalikes for Barry Bostwick and Susan Sarandon.
The Truth: False

Rumor: The set builders forgot to put an extra door in the lab set, thus Dr. Scott had to crash through the wall for his entrance.
The Truth: True, Brian Thompson, forgot to build a door into the lab.

Rumor: The crew had an easter egg hunt one day on the set, and three eggs can be seen in the film: under Frank's throne, one instead of a light in the main room, one as the group goes up in the elevator to the lab.
The Truth: This is still unproven.

Rumor: The set used for Frank-N-Furter's castle was not heated during filming, and Sarandon caught a cold after the pool scene.
The Truth: She actually caught Pneumonia.

Rumor: Richard O'Brien broke his thumb during the making of Rocky Horror, hence the callback "Follow the bouncing thumb"
The Truth: Untrue

Rumor: My cast is the oldest cast in the country.
The Truth: Probably Untrue, unless you are in Allentown, PA. They are the longest running cast. Every weekend, no breaks, since early 1975 (From what I am told). Same movie house, same physical theater. They do it every weekend. And have never missed a weekend.

Rumor: My cast is the 2nd oldest.
The Truth: Who cares.

Rumor: I can't show Rocky in my city because another cast has it within 100 miles.
The Truth: Untrue, it is all based on distributors.

Rumor: Only Sal Piro can get me a new print
The Truth: Untrue, try your movie distributor.

Rumor: There are only 18 trannies shown in the movie
The Truth: Untrue, 18 Translyvanians plus Frank, Riff, and Magenta (they are also from Transylvania)

Rumor: Richard O'Brien was a cheese farmer.
The Truth: Untrue

Rumor: There is an air conditioner in the church window
The Truth: Untrue, look close, it's a propped open window.

Rumor: The band who did the music for Rocky Horror was Procol Harum
The Truth: Untrue;
The band for Rocky Horror;
Richard Hartley: piano
Count Ian Blair: guitar
Dennis Cowan: bass
Martin Fitzgibbon: drums
Phil Kenzie: sax

Procol Harum was;
Gary Brooker: vocals, piano
Matthew Fisher: hammond organ
David Knights: bass
Robin Trower: guitar
B.J. Wilson: drums

Rumor: Frank says "A duck.." when they unvail Rocky
The Truth: Untrue; Jason Pfaff, asked Richard O'Brien at the 15th convention what was said and he confimed he says "Hoopla"

Rumor: Larry is the man
The Truth: Untrue; Sal Piro confimed Larry is no longer the man at the Denver 99 con.
Rumor: Tim Curry is gay
The Truth: Who cares, let him live his own life
Rumor: Charles Gray is dead.
The Truth: On Tuesday March 7th, Charles Gray passed away at a Hospital in London England.
Also passed away:
Rufus Collins
Fran Fullenwider
Jonathan Adams
Peggy Ledger
Imogen Claire
Hugh Cecil
David Togari