Cosmo's Factory - Did you know ?:

  • Cosmo's Factory was originally started to be the cast page for
        The Denton Affair Cincinnati's Rocky Horror Cast.

  • Cosmo's Factory has been on TV twice.
        An British TV show called Rockets showed Cosmo's Factory
        And it was on the Sci-Fi Channel.

  • Cosmo's Factory has over 18,000 total files. Over 5500 have an .shtml extention.

  • Cosmo's Factory is about 780MB's

  • Cosmo's Factory has over 4000 pictures in it's database, most have never
        been accessed.

  • In it's hayday, Cosmo's Factory's Cast Spin-off hosts over 600
        email accts and over 130 web sites.

  • Previous versions of Cosmo's Factory's included movies; The Phantom of
        the Paradise, Lost Boys, A Clockwork Orange, Clue,
        and Dune.

  • In 2004, Cosmo's Factory will be 12 years old.

  • Cosmo's Factory stopped counting hits in 1998 and restarted counting at zero.
        since then we've had over 2 1/2 million front page hits.

  • In 1998, Cosmo's Factory was completely deleted by accident from his ISP's
        server. All 4000 of the pages had to be reuploaded, and
        all the CGI's had to be rewritten.

  • Each day Cosmo's Factory gets over 50,000 individual hits, from images,
        html pages, or the bitchboard.

  • Cosmo's Factory owns and Cosmo's original
        intent was to change the name to but has
        since decided against it because people would loose the
        name association of Cosmo's Factory.

  • Cosmo's Factory has never used frames, and didn't use tables until 1997 when
        AOL finally was able to display them. Cosmo's Factory has
        always been able to be displayed in a text only browser.

  • Cosmo has written every page associated with Cosmo's Factory in Notepad.
        Dreamweaver was used for the javascript roll-overs.

  • Over 2 months Cosmo manually edited over 1100 html pages to refect
        the new site.

  • For 6 years Cosmo's Factory was totally CGI driven, until October 2003
        when it was rewritten in SHTML.

  • Cosmo's Factory got so and got so much traffic it was cheaper to start
        a web reseller company then to pay for it.

  • In 1995, Cosmo's Factory cost over $400 a month to host because of the