Rocky Horror on the Radio:

Ron and Fezz:
They had the producers and cast from The Rocky Horror Show and they told people to goto a website to try out for the show.

The Howard Stern Show:
A lady called in yelling at Howard and said "You should call your show The Howard Horror Show because your Frank-N-Furter" Howard laughed and called her names then hung up.

The Howard Stern Show:
This is Henry Rollins talking about Marilyn Manson: "We played a festival with him years ago, and it was kind of funny to watch do his thing in the daytime, 'cause the lights don't work, and the smoke was blowing offstage, so it looked like a bad cookout... and without the show, it just kind of rock and roll, with these guys kind of overacting, like Rocky Horror Picture Show on testosterone shots." Submitted by Dan