Ever wonder where stuff went from the movie? Well these are all based on what I have heard over the years. Some of them my be untrue. Got something that should be on this list? Want something removed? Email me. In the case of the anonymous individuals, I know who they are but they asked to be left off or I left them off for another reason.

From The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

This what became of the tanks. This was found in a storage lot behind a movie studio from what I was told.

Wedding Coat & Tux (His own)Stephen Calcutt
The Criminologists CoatSal Piro
The Criminologists BookSal Piro
Sadie's CostumeScott Michaels
Frank's Dinner CorsetRuth Fink-Winter
Rocky's TrunksAtlanta Hard Rock
Transylvanians RingLarry Viezel
Magenta's BootsSue Blane
Floorshow BoaLarry Viezel
The Monitor in the LabRichard O'Brien
The space gunRichard O'Brien
Urns from the Church SceneAnonymous2
Fake Brad CoatVegas Hard Rock Cafe

From Shock Treatment:
Shock Treatment HatAdam Clarke
Shock Treatment TowelUnknown

From The Roxy Cast:
Riff VestRick Sloan
Frank Lab CoatRick Sloan
Purple Janet DressRick Sloan

From The Bellasco:
One of Franks ShoesSold in Vegas 2000

From The London Upstairs Theatre:
Columbia Top HatMartin Fitzgibbon
The original miniture sets built by Brian ThompsonKimi Wong

Rare Merchandise:
Cake Poster Dolls (except Magenta)Brady Ferguson
Magenta Cake Poster DollRuth Fink-Winter
Headliner Dolls PrototypesNathan Summers / Rocky Radio
Urn of a Rufus CollinsThe Rocky Horror Preservation Foundation
Shock Treatment Cassette of demoDonny O'Brian

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