Actor Information:

Born: October 4th, 1946. Edison, New Jersey
Role Name: Janet Weiss
Real Name: Susan Sarandon
Also known as: Susan Abigail Tomalin
Height: 5'7 1/2"
Education: Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C. (1964-1968)
Husband/Wife: Chris Sarandon (actor; married on September 16, 1967; divorced in 1979)
Relationship: Tim Robbins (actor, director; together since 1988), Franco Amurri (director; broke up), Sean Penn (actor, director; dated in 1984; broke up), Louis Malle (director; together in the late '70s; broke up)
Father: Phillip Leslie Tomalin (big-band singer, TV and advertising executive)
Mother: Lenora Marie Tomalin
Brother: Terry Tomalin (sportswriter)
Son: Miles Robbins (born on May 5, 1992; father: Tim Robbins), John Henry Robbins (born in May 1989; father: Tim Robbins)
Daughter: Eva Maria Livia Amurri (born in 1985; father: Franco Amurri)
Other Info:
(October 1997) Ranked #35 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list.

Attended Catholic University of America Drama School, 1964-1968. Met and married Chris Sarandon there (by priest who was head of Dept.).

Former "Ford" Model.

Has a daughter from relationship with Franco Amurri (Eva, born 1985).

Has two children by Tim Robbins (Jack (May 1989), Miles (May 1992)).

Children: Eva, born 1981, daughter with Italian film maker Franco Amurri Jack Henry Robbins, born 1986 Miles Robbins, born 1989 son with Robbins born in 1992/3 Sarandon is eldest of nine children, went to Catholic schools

(1996) chosen by People (USA) magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful in the world

Landed her first Hollywood role when her then-husband, Chris Sarandon, took her along on one of his auditions

As co-presenters of the Academy Awards in 1993, Susan and her partner, Tim Robbins, seized a chance to bring public attention to the plight of a few hundred Haitians with Aids who had been interned in Guantanamo Bay.

Is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador

Supported Ralph Nader during the 2000 presidential election.

(30 March 1999) Was arrested for disorderly conduct during a protest in New York over the unarmed shooting African immigrant Amadou Diallo by 4 policeman.

Is of Italian and Welsh heritage.

She got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Monday, August 5, before a crowd of about 600 fans. She was joined by her longtime partner, actor Tim Robbins; her three children; and actors Kieran Culkin and Ryan Phillippe, who co-starred with Sarandon in the upcoming film IGBY GOES DOWN.

Sarandon's star, on the sidewalk in front of the new Kodak Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard, is next to comedian Whoopi Goldberg's star.

On the word of Susan Sarandon, the Best Actress in a Leading Role Oscar she won for her 1995 role in DEAD MAN WALKING is proudly displayed in her guest bathroom.

Born in Jackson Heights, NY on 4th October 1946, Susan Abigail Tomalin grew up in Edison, New Jersey, the eldest of 9 children (5 girls and 4 boys) in a family of Welsh-Italian decent.

Susan's upbringing was Catholic and conservative, and she attended a Roman Catholic elementary school run by nuns.

In high school, her rebellious nature shone through when she was arrested for her involvement in Vietnam and Civil Rights protests.

She earned an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of the sexually vibrant Sally, a clam-bar waitress in ATLANTIC CITY.

She played a waitress turned criminal convict in 1991ís groundbreaking hit, THELMA & LOUISE alongside Geena Davis, and won an Oscar nomination. She was again nominated the following year for her role as a distraught mother struggling to find a cure for her sonís degenerative brain disorder in Lorenzoís Oil, with Nick Nolte.

Susan says she hasn't forgotten what it's like to be ordinary.

Actress Susan Sarandon is upset with America's SAT college entrance exam system - because it isn't a true indication of how bright a teenager is.

Has been singing the praises of her latest co-star - but then she is talking about her own daughter.

In THE PLAYER (1992), the film-within-a-film, Habeas Corpus, features a prison gas chamber scene with Susan Sarandon as a saintly onlooker . Sarandon starred as Sister Helen Prejean in DEAD MAN WALKING (1995) directed by Tim Robbins.

In the scene of THELMA & LOUISE (1991) where the tanker truck is shot and blown up, the reactions of her is genuine - rather than filming separate reaction shots, director Ridley Scott rigged the tanker to blow up during the take, in order to get authentic expressions of surprise from her and Geena Davis, the two leads.

Susan Sarandon is good friend with Julia Roberts.

Was nominated for Oscar for Best Actress 4 times, namely for THE CLIENT in 1995, for LORENZO'S OIL in 1993, for THELMA & LOUISE in 1992, and for ATLANTIC CITY in 1982.

"I choose projects I can talk about for days because now you do publicity for as long as it took you to shoot the movie."

"I feel I've always been on the outside and always on the edge of an abyss. The women I portray, and the woman I am, are ordinary but maybe find themselves in extra-ordinary circumstances, and what they do is at great cost."

"Sexuality ... is something that develops and becomes stronger and stronger the older you get... If you can continue to say yes to life and to maintain a certain generosity of spirit, you become more and more of who you are."

"I think the only reason I remain an actor is that you can never quite get it right. So there is a challenge to it."

"If I were 22 and trying to build a career, I don't know who'd be watching the kids as happily as I do. It takes so much to get me to break out of domestic paradise. There's hardly anything that interests me as much as my family."

On Thelma & Louise after her nomination for best actress, 1992, "I was surprised that the film struck such a primal nerve. I knew when we were filming that it would be different, unusual and hopefully entertaining. But shocking? I guess giving women the option of violence was hard for a lot of people to accept."

Baby's in Black (2002) $7,500,000
Igby Goes Down (2001) $6,500,000.00
Client, The (1994) $5,000,000.00
Lorenzo's Oil (1992) $3,500,000.00

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