Born: September 27th, 1947. Dallas, Texas
Role Name: Eddie
Real Name: (born) Marvin Lee Aday (changed to) Michael Lee Aday
Also Known As: Meatloaf | Meat Loaf Aday | Michael Lee Aday | Meat Loaf Aday
Spouse: Deborah Gillespie (1975 - Present)
Children: Pearl Aday & Amanda Aday
Most Recent Known Occupation: Greatest Showman on Earth

Meat Loaf currently has 69 acting credits to his name, credited as having appeared on over 30 soundtracks, and appeared as himself in over 120 titles according to

Meat Loaf is quite proud of his Rocky Horror Picture Show roots, having been featured in the GLEE tribute to The Rocky Horror Picture Show as Barrie Jefferies, alongside fellow RHPS alumni Barry Bostwick. On stage, Meat Loaf played both Dr. Scott and Eddie during the stage version of The Rocky Horror Show at The Roxy Theater. Meat Loaf has paid homage to his Rocky Horror Picture Show roots by opening both his Hang Cool Tour and his Guilty Pleasure Tour CD/DVD combo set with a mash up Medley of Hot Patootie (Whatever Happened To Saturday Night)/Time Warp that was custom arranged for the tour and live DVD/CD release by Neverland Express Musical Directors Paul Crook and Patti Russo. Meat Loaf also has a Rocky Horror “Lips” decal prominently featured on his NASGTR acoustic he played during his performance on the Jay Leno television show.

Meat Loaf is about to embark upon his “Farewell” tour appropriately titled The Last At Bat Tour to retire from active touring, is working on an upcoming album tentatively titled Brave And Crazy, and will be featured in the upcoming rock and roll horror film called Stage Fright directed by Jerome Sable and costarring Mini Driver. This will be only the third time Meat Loaf has sang on camera during a major motion picture.

His discography of major albums is as follows:

Stoney and Meatloaf 1971
Bat out of Hell 1977
Dead Ringer 1981
Midnight at the Lost and Found 1982
Bad Attitude 1984
Blind Before I Stop 1986
Bat out of Hell II: Back into Hell 1993
Welcome to the Neighborhood 1995
Couldn't Have Said It Better 2003
Bat out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose 2006
Hang Cool Teddy Bear 2010
Hell in a Handbasket 2011 (Austrlia) 2012 (Rest Of The World)
Brave And Crazy (To Be Announced)

Big thanks to David Driskell

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