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Role Name: Transylvanian
Real Name: Fran Fullenwider
Birthdate: November, 16th 1945
Birthplace: Texas, USA
Death: May 2nd, 1997
Cause of Death: Cardiac Arrest and Internal Bleeding
Place of Death: Princess Grace Hospital
  West Minster England
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Age at Death: 52 Years Old

Other Info:

  • Gave up dieting on her 21st birthday, now weighs over 300lbs.
  • Once a child stunt rider in Westerns before studying at NY University Film School
  • BIO From Born in Texas originally, she moved to the UK in the 1950’s. Fran was a successful model for the UGLY Agency in London. UGLY specifically signed unusual people for their company. I was told by a representative for the company that Fran came in looking for a job as a secretary, but she honestly couldn’t fit in the office, so they suggested her for modeling. She was in a few other films aside from Rocky Horror – The Mutations (a fave of mine) and her last film was House Of The Spirits. She was a huge success in Italy as a model, and a very good friend of Federico Fellini. Fran lived in a house in Randolph Crescent, and she died of cardiac arrest and internal bleeding on May 2nd, 1997. It was in the Princess Grace hospital that she died, and she was 52 years old.

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