Voyager/RHPS crossover
by Bill Brennan

The following is a Voyager/RHPS crossover, featuring the characters of both. This story and others Ive written are best read with a bud. :) Enjoy! Bill

"I do not understand," said Seven of Nine to the Doctor. "It is the suspension of disbelief, Seven," explained the Doctor. "The holodecks are used to,well, to play. Now that you have regained most of your humanity, you will also need to relax, purge yourself of stress." "I do so while I regenretae," saoid Seven flatly. "It's not the same. You'll see. Here, there are over fifteen million programs to choose from. Pick one, any one, and we will begin," said the Doctor with a smile to his pupil. "This one," said Seeven as she picked one without even looking. "Hmmm, lets see. Ah, "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" by Richard O'brien! An excellent choice, Seven. The Rocky Horror Picture show is one of the classic, and the tradition of dressing up in costume and performing the show scene by scene live by performers is done on several hundred worlds, including Earth, and-" "May we begin, Doctor?" asked Seevn as she raised an eyebrow., an indicator that the Doctor was trying her patince. "Of course, this way," said the Doctor., and he led her to a holodeck...

"...Dammit, Janet...I LOOOOOVE YOOOUUUUUUUUUUU" and Brad and Janet kissed in the church. "Freeze program,"said Seeven. "I do not understand. This wedding and song mean nothing to me." "This is Brad and janet, Seven, the Hero and Heroine. Soon they will be in a car, have a mechanical problem, and seek shelter at a castle filled with evil aliens," said the Doctor. "may we skip to these 'evil aliens'?" asked Seven in a dry tone. "Of course. Computer-Time Warp scene, please." The room changed to the insode of the castle. Riffraff was frozen in place as his hand reached for the door. "Begin," said the Doctor and he and Seeven stood off to one side, just next to a large grandfather clock. "Hi, my name is Brad Majors, this is my fiance Janet Weiss..." Seven and the Doctor observed as Brad and janet explained theyre plaight and were invited into the house.

"I do not understand" said Seven," why did this 'handyman' Riffraff bring the two humans into the castle if they were attempting to keep theyre true identities a secret?" "Its a part of the plot, Seven-Brad and Janet are to be sudenced, brought into the house to become a part of the events that unfold there," explained the Doctor. "They will become a part of Frank n furters collective?" asked Seven. "In a way, yes!" said the Doctor, pleased. "May I interact?" asked Seven. "Of course, that is why we are here," said the Doctor, smiling wider as Sevens desire to become a part of the program. Seven looked at the Doctor and said, "Seduction is crude form of assimilation. I will be more efficient," and she walked up to riff, knocked him out of the way, and extended her right arm. Metal injectors extended out of her wrists into the necks of both Brad and Janet. "Resistance is fultile," she said as she injected the nano probes. In seconds both Brad and Janet were assimilated into the Borg collective, skin turning a mottle color, falling to the floor. "Sigh," sighed the Doctor. "Computer, freeze program," sighed the Doctor. "Seven, thats not exactly what I had in mind...lets try another scene..."

The rest of the day went pretty much the same:during "Hot Patootie" Seven lashed out at Eddies neck as he aimed his motorcycle at her,snapping his neck and instigating the wrath of the character "Columbia", who jumped on her back while screaming "Eddie". Seven dispatched the groupie just as swiftly. In the ;ab she remarked about the crudeness of Frank N Furters and the TRansylvanians techknowledgy, but did comment that the Transit Beam would "be a welcome addition to our own distinction." At the last scene Seevn spent several minutes explainig how an anti-matter gun coldnt be contained in such a small hand weapon without the proper partickle-dampneing subspace generator.. "Perhaps a drink or two is in order. As I recall most of the "Rocky Horror kids" would indulged in an alcoholic beverage before doing the show. Computer-a "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster", please. "The alcohol content of this drink exceeds the reccomended allowance for my body weight," said Seven. "Doctors orders, Seven, drink up," said the Doctor and she did, draining the glass. "Now,lets try that again..."

"Computer, location of the Doctor and Seeven of Nine," said Captain Janeway in the bridge of the starship Voyager. "The EMH and Seven of Nine are in Holodeck two." "Ensign Kim, you have the con, I'll be in holodeck two. Those two have been there for over six hours now, I wonder what they are doing..."

Captain Janeway got to the holodeck doors just as they opened. A red faced Doctor walked out, with a very drunk Seven of Nine leaning on his shoulder, stumbling along as best she could. In one hand she held a noise maker, on her head was a party hat and she wore sunglasses. Rice and confetti fell from her hair, and sticking out of her waistband was a "newspaper" titled THE PLAIN DEALER. "Captain," said the Doctor over Sevens loud laughing. "Doctor. Seven, are you alright?" asked Captain Janeway. Seven looked up, pointed at Captain Janeway and yelled, "SLUUUUUUUT! Ha ha ha ha ha, where's your fucking NEEEEECCCK?!?" and cackled with laughter. "I see our resident Borg has assimilated a little too much alcohol," scoled the Captain. "A part of her indoctrination into the human culture, Captain," said the Doctor weakly. "Hmmmmm. We;;, see that she gets to her regeneration alcove, I'll expect a full report in the morning," said janeway. "Of course, Captain," said the Doctor, wondering how he would explain why it was required to place her face on the body of the actress playing the part of the character "Janet"...