Strange People (a short story) by Kelso Horror

I was riding my Harley on a November Afternoon (or was it early evening) having been in Denton for one week. ( I don't remember mutch of my life bfore that.)
It starts to rain, I see a Castle up ahead for some reason I head in that direction. (as if some how I know of this place!)
I see three other people Dressed in a diferent way than me ( I admitt they look familliar) even though I dont know them, they some how know me for they recognise me even on my bike.
My bike slides within five feet of the "stragers" I fall off in front of them, the last thing I see before I black out are are theese three . < I see Strange People ! >
I come to knowing who I am, Chester Wynn from Transexyal in The Galaxy Of Transylvainia, I know the other two people standing on either side of me, the one with blonde hair, bald spot on top is Riff-Raff and, the firey haired woman in the maid's uniform is Magenta, his sister/lover. < They are not Strange People to me!>
It is a few hours later I am dressed like the others now, ( They are my friends.) my old monnichole is back over my eye we do a dance like we've done many times before, ( We Do The Time Warp Again!) we surround two other people.
Riff braught them in from the rain, ( he thought they had drugs on them!) thier names are Brad (asshole) and, Janet (slut) but, I don't know them! < I see Strange People in the room!>