Shock Treatment (and how to handle it):

So, you just saw Shock Treatment. If you liked it, great! So much the better for you. If you didn't, well... Neither did I. I know you may think this whole article is a bit cynical after my entry on the Bitch Board regarding Shock Treatment, but this is what to do.

SEE IT AGAIN!!!!! and again!!! And as many times as you must. Eventually the songs will burrow into your brain. No, that's not a bad thing. Eventually, you may realize that Shock Tretment is actually pretty good...Just stop comparing it to Rocky, and get over Jassica Harper (that's the hardest).

Never give up on the film. It's good. Trust me. Only one thing I want to know: Did Little Nell really piss off Richard O'Brian so much to give her such a crappy role in Shock Treatment?