"You Have A Transvestite On Your Shirt" by MaryBeth Schroeder

I am one of the few lucky children who has Rocky Horror loving friends. Some people spend such lonely teenage years out of the theaters. But I have amazing friends. People who didn't look at me with question but embrace me with open arms. Rather than become the "weirdo" I became the teacher. I have showed so many of the people who thought I was freaky, that Rocky Horror is more than what they see. The only time I can ever remember being ridiculed about the show was after a sci-fi convention I went to. I was so happy because I got so much Star Wars stuff. BUT my most prized possesion was my Frank N Furter shirt. It had his goregous face on the front with a pouty look and I couldn't wait to wear it. Soon in school I was at a talent show rehearsal with my Frank shirt on. When the one track minded teenyboppers asked air-headedly, "Like what the hell is on your shirt?" I laughed like Magenta and said, "Oh you poor thing, you don't know. It's my hero" Well I basicly scarred most of them away, but the few good ones asked me more instead of turning away. Now those people have joined me and consider me not an outsider but a soul opener. "Ew gross I cant believe you actually like that cock sucking weird ass movie," said Tom bluntly. "It's an orange." I smiled, having prepared what to say. "Freak, what the hell---?" he studdered. "On the outside, an orange doesn't taste good. You might think it's gross. If you are stupid enough to just bite into the outside of the orange, all you will do is spit it out. But if you open up the orange, you will taste the fruit. It is sweet, with a taste like nothing else. You'll smile as you suck all of the juice out of the orange and you'll be begging for more." Somehow at that moment, the person who I never thought would never listen to me, The person who would never open his heart to understand DID. He gave it a chance and let it change his life. Soon after this experience, my newly founded cast and I sang and danced the Time Warp to 600 people at our talent show. There were no prized other than the thrill of performing. The director of the talent show considered us one of her prized possesions. And all of the kids watching realized that we aren't freaks, we have something special that most of them will never have. And although they may deny it....they wish they were us....they wish it. soon my cast will be performing on a trial night at midnight at a local school.