Rocky Horror VS. Priscilla:
By Orgasim Man (steve)

Priscilla; the new age replacement of Rocky Horror, or is it
just a fadthat would never last 22 years? Priscilla Queen of The
Desert was made in 1994, in Australia. When it first came out it
was a hit, but like the Rocky Horror Picture Show it had a devoted
group of fans. Today theaters around the U.S. are playing it, with
fans dressed in their drag queen outfits and mouth the words to
other peoples music.

Priscilla is nowhere as big as the cult-classic movie ‘the
rocky horror picture show, which has been running for 22 years,
and has an enormous fan club. The main reason I write this is to
tell a shocking truth. Not only is the Australian movie increasing
in popularity, but it has captured the hearts of loyal Rocky fans.
No long are fans captured by the seductive, sexy Frank N’ Furter,
doing the ‘Time Warp,’or having elbow sex with Riff Raff and Magenta.
No longer getting a kick out of dressing like Columbia, but by
getting frocked and looking like Mitzi or Felicia. I’m sure you all
have seen the ‘Drue Carey Show,’ where they did one episode of them
in New York and going to a RHPS theater, only to find it was changed
to a Priscilla theater. As much as that episode was cool the sad part
was that it is becoming a reality.

Now don’t get me wrong I like Priscilla, but when it comes down
to what I’d do on my Saturday night, I would choose Rocky any old day.
So is this the beginning of the end for the half brain, muscle freak
Rocky? Will the new icon be a 50 year old man, in a frock, who looks
like he needs to shave. I THINK NOT!!! Rocky is alive and well, and
to all the people who have betrayed The Big Furter I have one thing to
say; Tim Curry looks so much better in drag than Terernce Stamp ever

By Orgasim Man (Steve)