"Shock Treatment and...
by Bill Brennan

It was downtown Dentontownsville. Three people huddled in the darkness just outside of Wilsons Bakery. Two were dressed in shining green spandex outfits, one male and one female. The female had magenta colored hair, the male was bald and wore thick glasses. Both wore stethescopes, as if they were doctors or something. The third person wore a bright orange jacket, dark sunglasses, and walked with a blind mans cane. "Hoopla!" said the man in the orange jacket as the lock was sprung. They ebetered Wilsons Bakery, and went right for the cash register, because these three were Bert Schnick, and his two cronies, Nation and Cosmo MacKinley! Together, they were THE FAITH FACTORY GANG! They had been the terror of Dentontownsville the past few weeks, stealing from local business and citizens.

All three hovered over the fistfulls of cash that they took from the register until, that is, they heard the voice of a young girl. " It's all over, Fath Factory gang! Are you gonna come peacefully, or do we haveta kick your butts!?!" Bert, Nation, and Cosmo all looked up and exclaimed, "THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!" Yes! Floating there in the entrance to the doorway were Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup...THE POWERPUFF GIRLS! "Yeah," said Bubbles, "get your hands off of that dough! I mean, doe! I mean, well, you KNOW what I mean!" "Good one, Bubbles, " said Buttercup out of the side of her mouth. "GET ZEM!" commanded Bert Schnick as he held the money (and a chocolate covered donut) to his chest, and his two minions went into action! Nation attacked first. She reached into the pocket on her jacket and produced a few viles, pilled with pills! using super-villain speed, she shot the pills at the girls with lightning speed!

"Duck!" yelled Blossom, "those are tranquilizers! If one of those lands in our mouths we'll be out faster than Janet majors at a miss Mental Health Pagent!"
The girls dodged as best they could, but Nation was getting closer and closer! Bert laughed, and thats when Blossom had an idea! using super-Powerpuff speed, she started punching and kicking the pills, aiming the trajcetory back at nation! The evil villainess tried to dodge her own pills, but a few landed right in her mouth, and soon she was smiling and sleeping on the floor.

Cosmo attacked next! From under his uniform he produced a number of red spike heeled shoes! He threw them at the girls, and all three were stunned when a few of the heels stuck into the wall! "Those heels are razor sharp, be carefull!" commanded Blossom. "Ugh, how can Miss Bellum walk in these things?" asked Buttercup as she checked out the kinky footwear. "I dunno, I king of like 'em, " said Bubbles. "Enough talk, girls, attack!" yelled Blossom, as she dodged a barrage of red shoes. The girls attacked! Blossom aimed her ice breath at Cosmo, Buttercup aimed her heat vision towards him, and Bubbles used her sonic voice attack! Cosmo was prepaired! he grabbed a wheeled mirrror, of Bert Schnicks design, and turned the attacks back against them! Blossom was hit with particles of ice, Buttercup was burned black, and Bubbles covered her ears in pain.

"Ha!" laughed Cosmo. "Dont worry, Girls, I know something that Cosmo CANT say no to! THESE!" said Blossom, and she pulled from behind her a large black sequined hat and a strapless backless classical little black dress, and threw them at Cosmo! "Ohhhh, pretty!" said Cosmo as she put the hat on and looked at himself in the mirror. "No! Cosmo, attack!" ordered Bert. Cosmo went to the attack, but stopped-he couldnt take himself away from the attractive female apparell. "How dare this person take advantage of my weakness!" he cursed as she slipped on the dress and struck a few poses. Bubble, Blossom, and Buttercup all floated over to Bert Schnick, who now had an apple in his hands, about to take a bite. "Well, gonna give up, Bert Shnick?" demanded Buttercup, who was always spoiling for a fight. "HA!" said Bert, and he bit the apple and spit the remains ouit all over the girls. "Ewwwwwww!" they all said at the same time, then went into action! Berts teeth flew, his glasses broke, and he was a bloody mess on the ground. "Hey, did you girls hear a noise?" asked bubbles, and floated towards a sign on another door that said "back room." She opened the back of Wilsons Bakey, and suddenly about fifteen men, all naked, ran out of the back and out the front door. A second later another man, a white guy (gringo!) stepped out and ran to the door. "Hey, who are you?!?" demanded the girls. the man stopped and said, "Im Danny "Slip" Streamy, I work here, gotta go, bye!" he said and turned. "But why are you running if you work here?" asked Bubbles. "Youd run too, if you were caught in the back of Wilsons Bakery, naked, with fifteen other men," he said, and ran out the door. "Mexicans," whispered Buttercup to Blossom, who nodded and said "Professor dosent like Mexicans,"

Then the police came in, and took away the Faith Factory Gang. "Duuuuuhhh, thanks alot, Powder Puff Girls," said one cop. "thats Powerpuff, not powderpuff! Why does everyone make that mistake!?!" said Bubbles, and everyone had a good laugh.