The Evils of Pop Rocks and Rocky Horror
Indiana Ed
Hello my fellow Rocky Horror fans and welcome to my forum. I am here to inform the world of the evils of Pop Rocks candy. Sure, the fun and innocence of this popping candy may seem delightful at first, but under this sweet fizzing exterior lies a monster. This candy is really a masterful hitman out to ruin a good time at Rocky Horror. The evils of this candy may not be apparent at first sight and the candy may not choose to single you out however, that doesn't mean that it is not there. I now will tell you a story to illustrate my point.

It was a saturday night like any other, we gathered in the Atomic cafe for drinks while waiting for our theatre to let out. Slowly but surely, members of Midnight Madness started to show up. It turns out that one of our Magentas brought a HUGE bag of strawberry Pop Rocks. Everyone rejoiced because sugar is one of our collective favourite things. Yes, I was also rejoicing, this was before my knowledge of this candy's evil. We all downed our packages an grabbed some more and on my third package this evil ensued. One of the angry little candies jumped up my nose and proceeded to "get medevil" on the inside of my right nostril. Now if any of you have at one time or another had sugar up your nose, imagine that pain multiplied by ten exploding several times, and that would equal the pain I felt.

Needless to say, that ruined my night. I was having Pop Rock aftershocks throughout the night. This I say to you beware of the evils of this candy and come to the Village North theatre in Chicago to see Midnight Madness. You never know, maybe you'll see candy attack me.

until next time
NaNu NaNu

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