RHPS from Moxy Magenta
"You actually *like* that movie?" she shrieks loudly. She runs over to her fashion-conscious friends and starts whispering her derogatory comments in their perfectly pierced ears. All of them stare and giggle at me at me, sitting in the back corner of the room, dressed all in black with my pin showing the entire world who I am. I wear the lips. I know the music, script and AP lines by heart. I can even tell you what the best shade of red to dye your hair if you're going as Magenta. But you know what? No one cares at all. Does Richard O'Brien realize that while he is helping some people make friends through his movie, his international midnight phenomenon of audience participation is also causing social problems amoungst people like me? When you have no friends who understand your love of something, you tend to get bullied alot by the popular crowds because you don't wear the Calvin Klein jeans. It's all because of a simple movie that has helped some of us develop our sexuality and views of society as a whole. Why do I take this kind of brutal treatment and still watch the sole root of my whole social life? Is it some kind of outlet of anger? Is it a way for me to relate to others in the world? Yes and no. I have been trying to find the answer and I have gone back to the first time I heard the delicious words from `Time Warp' being sung. Or the first time I laid eyes on the diabolical domestic known as Magenta and immediately fell inlove with her eerily dark and dangerously erotic and sensual exteriour. They live where life is simple and unrestrained. Where people can explore the sins of the flesh and give themselves over to absolute pleasure. Most of all, they don't dream about it because they are it. I can't lay my finger on why I love the film because each time I watch it I love a little bit more than I did before. All I know is that I will be Time Warping until the day I die, even if it's all alone in a world where no one understands. Lips forever!

Written by: Moxy Magenta