by Bill Brennan

The following is, of course, a cross-over of RHPS and Matrix and, well, Me! (its about time I placed myself in one of my pwn stories! After years of writing these things for Crazed Imaginatuons, I deserve a little tip o' th' hat, no?) Hope you like Matrix, its one of my favorites. "THE ROCKY HORROR MATRIX" by Bill Brennan

It was a slum area of New York City. None of the delapidated buildings had any lights on-there had'nt been power to this part of the city in years. Only the homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, and rats inhabited this part of town.

A squad of seven police officers, guns drawn, quietly crept up the stairs towards room 4711.

Downstairs, an overweight police Leutennant closed his eyes in anger. He saw the black car roll up, and the three occupants get out. All three were dressed alike: white faces, black sunglasses, black tuxedo suits, white spats. One was a black man with dreds and a goatee. The next was a tall, thin woman who wore more make up than Ginger on Gilligans Island. The last, the leader, waa a thin smaller man, with a cruel yet sensual mouth. (Yup, Perry Beddin, y'all!).

All three walked up to the Officer. "You were told to wait," said the Agent. "I think my men can handle one little girl...and if you give me any of this jurus-my-diction, you can shove it up your ass." The Agent walked past, stopped, and said simply, "Leutennent, your men are already dead."

The police squad upstairs counted silently to three and kicked the door in, flashlights flooding the room. The centered on the back of the head of the woman sitting at the computer terminal.

"Freeze! Hands up on your head!" one cop shouted. The woman stood and raised her hands, slowly. She had red frizzy curled hair, a white face with dark, dark eyes and deep red lips. She wore a maid or domestics uniform.

She called herself Magenta.

One officer walked up, and when she felt the first touch of the metal handcuffs on her wrist, she spun around and smashed the officers nose with the flat of her hand. Then sje jumped, leg curled under her thight, booted foot tensed under her leg. Time stopped for a second, she aimed, and kick out, hard! He spun up towards his fellow cops. They started firing, and much to the amazement of them all she run UP and AROUND the corners of the wall! She landed in front of one cop, kneed him in the groin, and spun him around. She closed her fist around his and shot at the other police, hitting them all, then kicked UP and smashed the officer in her grip in the face, knocking him cold.

Magenta ran into the hallway and saw-an Agent! She ran away, up the stairs, and onto the roof, the Agent and the police in hot pursuit. She jumped chasms betwen buildings, and one so far the police would not follow where the woman and the Agent and gone. "Its not possible," said one young cop after seeing the Agent clear the space.

Magenta ran, saw the building acros the street, and jumped! She flew into the opposing window, rolled down the stairs, and stopped with two guns aimed upward, wating to blast away at the chasing Agent. She waited...waited...nothing. "Get up, Magenta. Get up, Magenta. GET UP!" She was on her feet and ruuning, running towards the sound of the ringing phone, towards the phone booth...the same phone booth that the large truck was headoing for at top speed. She ran and picked up the phone. "Operator," she heard, and was gone.

Bill Brennan was the manager of a theater in Manhattan. he was asleep at the monitor of his computer in his Greenwich vVillage apartment. he was busy downloading information about the hacker "Morpheus". Not much was known about Morpheus, only that he was a black man, bald, and wore a long trench coat underwhich he wore the costume of "Frank N Furter" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show...and like Bill, who went under the name Neo, he was one of the best hackers ever, and most wanted.

Bill snored, his fingers still clinching te stubbed out joint he was smoking before he fell asleep. On the monitor in front of him, his download stopped, the screen went blanck, and three words appeared on the screen: WAKE UP, NEO. Bill opened his eyes a bit. The words were replaced with: THE ROCKY HORROR MATRIX HAS YOU. Bill blinked his eyes, still half asleep, reading the words with fogged eyes. FOLLOW THE "BOSS",NEO. Bill blinked again, waking up. KNOCK KNOCK,NEO. The door knocked, and Bill jumped. He went to the door-it was his friends from the cast. "Going down to the show, Bill?" asked Roberta, one of the best Frank the NYC cast ever had. "No, Ive got work in the morning so I;d better..." Bill stopped when he saw her "BOSS" tatoo, and remember the words on his screen, words which were gone hen he checked. "Yeah, sure, sure I'll go."

It was at the Limelight club. It was Rocky Horror night, and RH costumes were everywhere. A woman walked up to him-a magenta. Pretty, young, with hot legs. "I know why you are here, neo," she said in a magenta-like voice. "How do you know that name?" asked Bill, afraid. "I know all about you...He wants to see you, Neo." "Morpheus?" "Mmmmm Hmmmmm.But not now. soon. They're watching, Neo." And she walked off, leaving him stunned... It was the next morning, in his office, when the Fed Ex guy came and delivered a phone. It rang in Bills hand the moment he touched it. "hello, Neo. do you know who this is?" said the voice. "Morpheus?" asked Bill. "Yes. And sadly neither you nor I have time for me to do this the right way. Theyre coming for you, Neo, and I dont know what they'll do." "Who's coming?" asked Bill, tense. "Look up towards the door." said Morpheus. bill did, and there were a number of police there, being led to his office by three "Men in Black" type people. "Shit!" said Bill. "Yes Neo. Now, do exactly as I say, The room next to you is unoccupied. Go to it." Bill did. "Now get out on the ledge and climb to the roof," Bill opened the widnow, looked down, and almost vomited. "I can't do this," he said, and walked back into the office. He was downtown, under police custody. he sat alone in a chair, the three Agents facing him, one seating before him, with two files in front of them both. "There are two files here, Mr. Brennan. One of the people in these files has a fute. the other does not. One the one hand we have you, Bill Brennan. You manage a multiplex movie theater, you live with a number of reptiles, and you have a girlfriend in Arizona that you wish to marry. You enjoy the Rocky Horror picture Show...and you pay your taxes." The Agent gave him a short, cold smile. "On the other hand you are also neo, and guilty of just about every computer crime we have a law for." Another pause. "I have a deal for you, Mr. Brennan. All you need to do is to help us capturing a known terrorist named Morpheus. If you do, this file, " he indicated his "Neo" file, "will vanish." Bill thought, and said, "Yeah, well, that sounds like a prett good deal, but I have a better one. how about I give you the finger," Bill gave the Agent thefinger," and you give me my phone call? you cant scare me with this Nazi bullshit, I know my rights," Bill said and crossed his arms. "What good willa phone call do you," asked the Agent, of you dont have a mouth to do it with?" And with horror Bill felt the skin of his face crawl over and seal up his mouth!

And he woke up,in his bed, to the sound of the phone. "Meet me downstairs," said Magentas voice. He did.

They were in a car. A heavy set guy in an "Eddie" costume drove car, and a Columbia sat with his as well as the Magenta. it was a silent ride. Finally they came to an apartment building, went up to the penthouse, and he was shown into a room. Standing there in a crisp black suit was Morpheus. "This is an honor," said Bill. "The honor is mine, Neo. Sit down, please." They sat. "I have a question for you, Neo. You've felt it, havnet you? You know what I mean. That nagging feeling that there is something in the Rocky Horror scene that is just not right. maybe its too much cast fighting, maybe its losing a close friend over petty Rocky Horror nonsense...but you know the feeling Im talking about, and you know what its called, dont you?" "The Rocky Horror Matrix," said Bill quietly. "Indeed. Now, these two pills are for you, but only one. The blue pill will give you the answer you are looking for. Take the red one, and you ake up home, in bed, and none of this ever happened." Bill rached for the blue pill. "Wait. Im not promising you anything except the truth." Bill paused, then swallowed the pill. He felt himself falling in his seat! "Whats...whats happening?" asked Bill. "You are being fed downloads so you camprehend th etruth..that you are a computer program, and nothing you know of reality is real." The whole room vanished, to be replaced with a driedout rocky wasteland. "where are we?" asked Bill. "This, neo, is the real world. A scortched, barren place where only those that cntrol the Rocky Horror Matrix, and what they need to live, exist." "I dont understand," said Bill, stunned. "You will. let me explain...

It all started with the internet. People online that were usually nice started to act like assholes, saying things they would never say in person. Some people took it too far, and cast wars started, as well as countless smaller ones. Over the next few hundred years, the wars between the casts got worse and worse-bombings and driveby shootings were common, the deaths were in the thousands. Finally, one Rocky Horror cast member known for her insane mood swings and back stabbing trechery planted a small atomic bomb at another casts theater, killing millions. In relatiation, one brilliant rocky cast member actually integrated his intelligence into a program, took cntrol of a military installation, and nuked casts all around the world. more people had the ame techknoledgy, and soon more missiles flew. The nuclear winter cut off the sun for years, plants died, animals died, until only humans, and the computer Rocky Horror people were left.

The computer people attacked the remaining casts, Neo. They survived on bio-electricity, and the human brain generates enough to power a small city. They capturd the remaing humans, placed them into pods that would sustain them, and force-fed them a computer simulated world."

"The Rocky Horror matrix," said Bill in horror. "Yes Neo. And these evil Rocky Horror people ,these Agents, want nothing more than to turn THIS, "Mopheus showed Bill a photo of a girl doing Columbia at a floorshow and smiling, "into THIS." He shows Bill a photo pof a battery. TO BE CONTINUED...