"The Majors/Weiss Case As Told By the Criminologist"
by Corbin H. CrableKansas State University (junior in English)
******************************************************************************* AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is an account of the events following the events that led to the return of Riff-Raff and Magenta to their planet, and the effects it had on the lives of Brad Majors and Janet Weiss. The tale is told by the Criminologist, who since has retired and devoted the past few years to studying the case in depth. ******************************************************************************* Good evening; my name is Dr. Nigel J. Brookshire. Most of you know me as "the man with no fucking neck." I have told you of the events that transpired during the late hours on the evening of November 12, 1974. What happened immediately afterward, however, hasn't been disclosed to anyone. Since I have since retired as a veteran criminologist, I now have nothing better to do than study the Brad Majors/Janet Weiss case, for I am old, decrepid and have no hobbies. Over the past 25 years, I have given lectures about this certain case at colleges and universities across the nation, usually in psychology or sociology courses, as well as criminology courses. In all my years of giving public lectures, I have never discussed what I am going to tell you. In fact, the only reason I am going to speak of these events is because I'm tired of telling the same damn story every weekend to audiences of drag queens, and dancing on desktops is getting to be rather dull. And so, dear readers, the following is taken from my original reports, which have been locked away for the past 25 years. Eat your heart out, Warren Commission! NOVEMBER 12, 1974 8:32 a.m.: A young male and female, both in their mid-twenties, enter Denton Police Department, both are dressed in fishnet stockings, heels, garter belts, large amounts of cosmetics, etc. Clothing is extremely dirty and torn; looks as if the two were physically assaulted. With the couple is Denton High physics intructor Dr. Everett Scott, who also is in fishnet stockings. Scott is physically disabled and his wheelchair is not present, which means couple would have had to drag him or carry him to police station. The three are frantic, and it later was determined that it took them over half an hour to walk to the station. Each of the subjects in question are telling their own version of the events that transpired between the hours of 10 p.m. the previous evening and 7:30 this morning; all three are near hysteria; it takes several minutes to calm them down, after which time statements are taken. STATEMENT Brad Majors Age: 26 Occupation: Architect Address: 11701 Pine Drive; Denton, Ohio Statement taken by: Officer Perry Bedden Time: 8:45 a.m. B. MAJORS:"We were on our way to see Dr. Scott after Ralph and Betty Hapschatt's wedding when the car broke down on the way. Janet and I walked to a nearby castle, where we were met by several strange looking people at a party, led by ... (sigh) ... a man in women's clothing, a transvestite. His name was Dr. Frank-N-Furter. "Apparently, he had constructed a man meant to be his...uh...partner." OFFICER BEDDEN: Could you please explain, Mr. Majors, what you mean when you refer to this creation as a "partner"? B. MAJORS: You know, a partner... OFFICER BEDDEN: No, Mr. Majors, I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean... B. MAJORS: You know what I'm talking about, goddammit! A sexual partner, all right??? And he used me...I never would have...(sob) OFFICER BEDDEN: Who used you, Mr. Majors? In what way? B. MAJORS: Frank-N-Furter...he robbed me of my virginity... OFFICER BEDDEN (grinning slightly): So what you're trying to say, Mr. Majors, is that you're a 26 year old male who lost his virginity to a transvestite? B. MAJORS: Dammit, why the hell aren't you taking me seriously?!?! OFFICER BEDDEN: Mr. Majors, forgive me, but I find it hard to take this situation seriously. It seems a bit extreme, to say the least. Please, go on. B. MAJORS: The next thing I know, I'm stuck to the ground, that pervert is feeling up my fiance and I'm dressed like a Vaudeville geisha, singing and dancing to an empty auditorium. OFFICER BEDDEN: So this "perverted" scientist dressed you in this way and made you perform? What happened afterwards? B. MAJORS: Frank-N-Furter and his creation were killed by their servants. Luckily, we were spared ... those servants had the courtesy to at least spare our lives. Then, the castle just kind of disappeared into the sky. Janet and Dr. Scott and I lost consciousness." OFFICER BEDDEN: And when you awoke, you came here? B. MAJORS: Yes, that's right. Statement JANET WEISS Age: 25 Occupation: Homemaker Address: 1675 Meadowlark Lane; Denton, Ohio Statement taken by: Officer Russell Collins Time: 8:51 a.m. OFFICER COLLINS: Ms. Weiss, what is your relation to Mr. Majors? J. WEISS: He's my fiance. OFFICER COLLINS: Are you in agreement with the course of events as described by Mr. Majors? J. WEISS: Yes, he's right ... that evil man took me, too. So did his creation ... that ... monster of his. OFFICER COLLINS: I see. J. WEISS: And I liked it (sob) ... so help me, I liked it! OFFICER COLLINS: Ms. Weiss, please calm down. J. WEISS: I'm sorry. It was all so horrible, and yet, so pleasurable at the same time. God, I don't know what to think. OFFICER COLLINS: Is it your belief that this Dr. Furter and his accomplices were beings from another planet, Ms. Weiss? J. WEISS: How else could you explain a castle just disappearing into thin air??? They told us they would be back for us someday. I think that's what frightened me the most. 9:08 a.m.: Officers Collins and Bedden, along with myself, Mr. Majors, Ms. Weiss and Dr. Scott, went back to the alleged site of the castle. A later visit to city hall found that there are no records of the presence or existence of the said mansion; nor was there a registered owner of the establishment. Further investigation of the area found there was no indication of any building or structure being present. The space was an empty field, and records indicate no buildings had occupated the area since the late 19th century. NOVEMBER 15, 1974 Mr. Majors and Ms. Weiss, along with Dr. Scott, were registered as outpatients at the Denton Psychiatric Hospital today. Subjects will undergo several weeks of intense therapy, including shock treatment, under the care of Dr. Henry Woolf, a parapsychologist. Dr. Woolf will keep in touch with the police station as to the condition of the patients. NOVEMBER 26, 1974 After nearly two weeks of intense therapy, the subjects still are exhibiting strange behaviors that are connected to their experiences with the alleged aliens. Upon close observation of Mr. Majors during his sleep, the subject was seen doing a strange dance while seemingly still asleep. Rcordings were able to catch Mr. Majors talking in his sleep as he made these dance movements: "It's just a jump to the left, and a step to the right ... put your hands on your hips, and bring your knees in tight ... well, it's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insaaaaane ... let's do the time warp again." Apparently, this is some kind of alien custom Mr. Majors has connected with his experience. When quesitoned about this, the subject said he has no recollection of this learning this dance. Ms. Weiss, meanwhile, has displayed signs of manic depression; at certain times during her therapy sessions, Ms. Weiss has burst into tears; during other times, she will grab her breasts and moan, "Touch-a touch-a touch-a touch me, I want to be dirty..." Dr. Scott has refused to wear nothing but his fishnets and a bra for the past week; to keep from retaining a foul stench, the staff has had to wash these clothes daily. The subject seems to have a strange fascination with his own legs, and rarely stops rubbing them, almost habitually. DECEMBER 8, 1974 All three subjects have been released from Denton Psychiatric Hospital; both the hospital and police department still are keeping watch on them. Mr. Majors and Ms. Weiss still insist they plan on being married within the year, and Dr. Scott has quit his job asd a high school physics teacher and inexplicably left the state under the care of his sister. Mr. Majors and Ms. Weiss have insisted that he was kidnapped by a woman known only to them as "Magenta," and that Dr. Scott has been taken back to the planet of Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. We have chosen to dismiss these allegations as effects of their experience, and nothing else. Mr. Majors and Ms. Weiss still report having dreams in which these transexual aliens, along with the woman Magenta and a creature they have named "Riff-Raff," tell them they soon will be back for them. Once again, these accounts have been dismissed as psychological disturbances. DECEMBER 11, 1974 The case officially is turned over to me for further study. What most of you do not know is that Brad Majors and Janet Weiss, after living in marital hell for 10 years, disappeared in 1985. I have continued to study the phenomenon, and continue to do so. I am determined to uncover the whereabouts of this couple, for I am convinced that their story was true. I believe they were, in fact, taken back to Transexual, to live forevermore as sex slaves to Riff-Raff and his sister Magenta. Thus far, I have uncovered very little, and can only imagine that as of now, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss are a part of the Transylvanian culture, doing the Time Warp with the misfits of the universe. Whether they will return to Earth remains to be unseen, but it is apparent that the seven hours of hell that they endured on that dark night in November affected their lives forever. I, Dr. Nigel J. Brookshire (an expert), will uncover the truth. Until then, however, Brad and Janet are lost in time, lost in space and meaning.... THE END!!! (AT LAST!!!)

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