Has Anybody Seen My Cat? or The Many Things I Have Lost Because of Rocky Horror
By Phoenix
Two boyfriends, countless friends, endless hours of my life, thousands of dollars, and a cat. I have lost all of these things because of Rocky Horror. So why the Hell do I keep going? Honestly, I never really thought much about it, because I couldn't possibly give up Rocky...or could I?

The first boyfriend lost due to Rocky was my own damn fault, I suppose. I was young (just 17) and hormonal and getting a lot of attention from other guys, both in and out of the cast. I just couldn't handle any or of commitment at all, much a less the serious one my boyfriend at the time wanted, so I gave him the boot and went along my merry way.

I lost friends here and there for several reasons. The main reason, of course, was that "Rocky is for fags, freaks, weirdos, etc." There went the majority of my friends. The next group of friends I lost was due to cast politics and other cast crap. People that I had introduced to Rocky had suddenly turned on me. These people unfortunately now control the cast I used to once be a part of and love. Though I introduced them to the film and cast, they unfortunately did not adopt my same devotion and love for the movie. Their philosophy and style are the reason why I now drive two hours every Saturday to be a part of a cast I can be proud of. I lost some more cast friends to stupid politics and jealousy, like the time I played Trixie at a special Halloween show, and got more applause than the regular Trixie, and I was subsequently told (through another cast member) that "nobody wanted to see me naked, so I was never playing Trixie again." I soon quit the cast.

As for hours I have lost, where do I even begin? The costumes, the survival kits, the practices, the practices, the practices, the shows, the conventions, etc. I probably could have a Master's degree by now if I devoted as much time to school as I have to Rocky. The same theory applies to money. I probably could have a nicer car and not live at home, if I didn't have Rocky.

AS for the second boyfriend that I lost, that was the worst of all. Not because he was the love of my life or anything, but because being in the cast turned him into SUPERPRICK!!! Shortly upon rejoining the cast, he started sleeping with a young (read barely legal) innocent-type-cast member who stroked his ego and much more. Soon after all this, I had to move back home and I am still trying to get all my stuff back from the SOB.

And my cat. My poor cat Tiggy ran outside one snowy night last November when I came home from Rocky, and he hasn't been seen since.

I have lost much from Rocky Horror: men, money, friends, pets, but I still I go to the show every week and recently joined another cast after swearing I would never do so again. Why? Am I a moron? Well, maybe so, but I really don't have anything else to lose.

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