DAYS OF THE ROCKY REALM (or "The Kingdom Falls")
By Bill Brennan

It was the land of "Rocky Horror", and in that land was a Knight of the Realm. He had been vassle to another Rocky Horror Knight in his youth, was taught the creed of fairness and truth, of adherance to movie accuracy and above all to be pure of spirit and to defend and uphold the common good of the Cast.

In time, he grew to manhood and became a Knight himself, and he served well. When the evil barbarian hordes of beer drinking,homophoboc assholes invaded the theaters of the Realm, the Knight was there to defend the last from they're slings and arrows of stupidity. When the occasional Black Knight tried to enter or take over a cast of the realme, once again the Knight was there to speak words of unity and peace, and truth prevailed. And the Knight traveled far, attending conventions and other casts of other Realms, and came to know many others such as himself.

But Time waited for no man, nor Knight. Time passed, and one day the Knight came home to his own Realm, his own beginnings, and found that the Realm had changed. The King had become fat and lazy, no longer over-concerned with what was fair and what was not,only caring that no one made too much noise for his ear's. Advisors and other cast leaders had become corrupt,others grew weak in backbone as they aged, and others simply left the Realm...many of the newbies that arose to power were just and pure of heart as in the days of old, but most were not. The people no longer care as a majority over what was right or best, only in what was entertaining at the moment. Black Knights appeared all over the Kingdom, over-throwing local Counts and Countesses, taking they're Realms for themselves. Many were forced out,many left, and the Knight tried to stop his Realm from falling. he, and a few other like him, tried to talk to the people,to tell them that things not need be full of drama and constant fighting, that with a little work and a little effort all could be in harmony, many hands working together could move mountains were many hands working against each other could only dig graves...and the people didnt listen. Some turned away, some accused the knights of "just trying to start trouble" or to take over themselves. Even worse were the Evil Advisors, those that actually denounced peace and incited the masses to riot against the Knights olf Olde. Many had the love of the Realm die within them, others still fight on, and other chose to leave the Realme forever with what memories they carried in theyre hearts still good, not yet corrupt. It was better to walk away with a fresh rose petal in one;s hand, rather than stay and watch the whole flower die and blow away in the wind. So the Knight left,going South, to where all the other Knights before him went...

And the Realm? It survived over the years, but the spirit was poor, and soon enough it began to die. Like a great and mighty tree that could withstand rain and srtorm and snow and cold, it was destroyed by rotting from within, and eventually it fell and died. But like all tales, thisone would never really be the base of ofthe fallen tree were small sprouts, fresh and green, just beginning to stretch up towards the sun...and there would always be an old Knight somewhere that would help these sprouts grow to maturity. END