My First Rocky Horror Experiences (by Katie Stehn)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don't think there was ever a time that I did not know the name. I heard somewhere it was about transvestite aliens and I was never to see it. Well, that plan didn't exactly work. The first time I ever got a glimpse of it was in 1996. I was about 15 years old and it was Halloween night. I was just flipping the channels and then I saw what was the most alarming thing I've ever seen in my life. A man wearing a ton of make-up crooning to a muscle-bound man in gold underpants! My first thought was "This has to be that Rocky Picture Show I've heard about!" My second thought was "Tim Curry???" because I've seen "Annie" about 8 billion times. I kept debating this over and over until my thought was confirmed. The way his face looked and the way his voice sounded as he sang 'Such and effort, if he only knew of my plan...' made it undeniable that this was in fact Tim Curry! I squealed maniacally as I reveled in my realization! Something told me that my mother would kill me if she found out what I was watching with such savage glee, so I quickly flipped to a different station. After she left I came back just in time to see Meatloaf crash through the freezer and start singing. The camera then rested on Susan Sarandon. "Hey, isn't...that the mom on Little Women? Na, couldn't be! her eyes look the same though..." Since I had only seen that one Susan Sarandon movie, I couldn't really confirm whether it was "really her" or not. I was having the time of my life watching this crazy creation of mind-warping, time-warping goodness until my mom came up to watch the news. Thus ended my very first exurtion into the world of Rocky Horror. That could have been the end of it all... But as fate would have it, three years later I found myself college-bound and landed with a roomie bent on "corrupting" me. Liz decided that I had led far too sheltered of a life and she was going to show me what I was missing. So, the first thing to do was to get me to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I was all too willing! I told her how I think I might have seen parts of it and asked her if it had something to do with a blond muscle-man in gold underwear being chased around a pink room by a she-male. She says "Yep! That's Rocky!" A few months later she scheduled a "Cult Classics Movie Night" with RHPS as its climax. Of course nobody came except people we virtually had to kidnap and force to watch with us. We had props and AP lines and we had a blast! I heard that in a couple of weeks it was coming to our local theater for Halloween weekend. I asked I guy (who turned out to be an asshole) to take me and he did. The only catch was he begged me not to wear my Magenta costume. He told me that he wouldn't take me out in public dressed like that. I was disappointed but we had a good time anyway. Phil just didn't want me to have any fun. But I showed him: the next night (they play it two nights in a row) I dressed up as Magenta, took two friends of mine along and did all the AP stuff as wild and crazy as I knew how! It was the most fun I ever had in my whole life! It was like, total freedom to do whatever I wanted. Anarchy, chaos, confusion, They are all words most used to describe Rocky Horror. I never wanted that moment to end. Since then I've seen it over 50 times on video and one more time in a theater (which sucked) but I'll never ever forget those first few stepping stones and my life has never been the same. The End

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