What really happened to Brad and Janet
by Daniel Robison

After the deaths of the mad scientist, groupie, and new playmate, Riff Raff gave Brad, Janet and Dr.Scott two choices. the first was to leave the house and the next was two die. He told Dr. Scott to leave and never mention this to anyone or they would be back to kill him.Janet walked over to Riff Raff and said quietly, " I don't want to stay here, I have a new look on life and I want more and I need more." He whispered in Janet's ear, "Magenta and I shall be back for you. And if you wish for your fiancee to come, then he may. For you will get as you wish." Brad looked at her wondering why she was smirking as she walked back towards him. Brad said, " what did he say to you?" "Aw nothing." she replied.

"Let's get outta here Brad." As the three walk out of the castle, the house is hurled into the air by a tran-set beam. A few months passed and Brad was growing egar to marry Janet. She had been making excuses to postpone the marriage for some time now and Brad was starting to wonder why. Brad said to her," Why aren't we married yet?" She said, " It's too soon from what happened that night my love. I can't get over it, and I don't think I'm quite ready for the big moment yet."

She walked over to the refrigerator and looked in. " We are out of milk and eggs. I am going to run to the store I will be back in a little while." " It's almost midnight!" A sudden blank look came upon Janet's face from hearing what Brad had just said. "Yes I know." and she walked out the door. Brad said to himself, "She didn't even take the keys, what has come over her?" He sat down and turned on the t.v.

Janet started walking towards the little store about a mile down the road when she heard the local church clock strike twelve. A smile came over her face. She started to take off her dress and started to sing the time warp. "It's just a jump to the left..... and its the pelvic thrust that really drives you insaaaaaane. your spaced out on sensation....." al of a sudden she had heard something that sounded like Riff Raff's voice singing,like your under sedation! coming from the alley next to her. She started running towards that sensual voice that she remembered so well. When she got to the middle of the alley she saw him.

"RIFF RAFF! MAGENTA!" She exclaimed. "You really did come back for me!" Magenta said, " We heard you singing so we knew you wanted to come back with us." Riff Raff said to Janet, "Are you ready for this? and do you want brad to come with you?"! "! Brad?" Janet started to laugh. " you have got to be kidding! I am going and he is staying here.There is no doubt about that!" " ok then., step inside my second sweetest lady." Riff Raff gently stroked Magenta's cheek. (as he always does.) Finally the trio arrived back at Transsexual. Where the time warp was just beginning. Janet, Riff Raff, and magenta took their places in the time warp line. After a long and fun night of dancing, Magenta took Janet back to their house and showed her where she was staying. which she really didn't need to do for Janet had been there before. Janet asked, "Can i sleep with you tonight?" Magenta said, " Why are you scared or something?" " No, I just want to be a new person. I want to do new things, i want to taste new things." she replied. " well come on then you wouldn't want to miss tonights fun now would you?"

TO BE CONTINUED..............

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