My Rocky Horror experience
by Jessica Schelp

For the past 4 and a half years I have popped my copy of Rocky Horror in my VCR and watched with rapture Frank's sulrty entrance into the ballroom. I started watching it with my mother and have introduced all of my friends to the wonders that only Transalvainians can enjoy. (There is a very amusing story about teaching a friend "Sweet Transvestite" in gym class.) I searched far and wide for a Rocky theatre and for all of those four and a half years I failed. I was sure the only place I would find my true home among those of my home planet would be at the 8th Street Playhouse in Grenich Village. Low and behold that that same friend who learned the wonders of fishnets in gym would be on a cast of the Rocky Horror Show and finnaly get me to a theatre in Kansas City, KS. I got my Rocky cherry popped this past Saterday night and I found my new home. The AMC Theatre in Oak Park Plaza. I hugged Frank and have framed my ticket. Now I will worship my favorite cult classic at midnight every other saterday night. But no a problem has arisin. If the theatre does not do enough bussiness with Rocky they may close the movie after Haloween. I urge anyone who could get to that theater to show there support. It is on Quivera. I think you take I-435 to the 95th St exit and then take a right if you are comming from the Mo side. Then you take a right on Queveria and GO BEHIND THE MALL. It is there in some trees and kind of hard to see so look closely. There are plenty of friendly gas stations to help you find your way. By a Floor Show Janet

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