By Bill Brennan

   Brad Majors stood on the front steps of the Denton High School. Brad was 
staring across the grassy lawn, past the "Denton, Home of Happiness" sign 
that was directly in front of the main sidewalk, at a small group of girls. 
Among them was a certain blond haired, big eyed beauty named Janet Weiss.
   Brad was in love with her, he was sure of it. he had thought about nothing 
but Janet every day and every night since he had first seen her in Dr. Scotts 
refresher course. His heart pounded like a jack hammer when he was near, he 
had to cover his crotch with one of his text books if he stared at her for 
too long...her every step was poetry in motion, and her every utterance was 
like a song from Heaven.
  Brad closed his eyes, and imagiend himsefl walking up to her,taking her 
hand and walking her away from her best girlfriend Betty Monroe and the rest, 
holding that hand and walking with her, carrying her books, and then when 
they got to her house he would lean over, closed his eyes, and kiss her...
   " Hey, Brad, you in there?" came an intrusive voice.
   "Huh? Oh, hi Ralph," said Brad. His best friend had broken him away from 
his rather plesant delusion.
   "Still looking at Janet, eh?" said Ralph as he gave Brad a jab in the ribs.
   Brad blush and smiled.
  "Well, yeah, you know..."
   "Why dont you ask her out?" Ralph suggested for the millionth time.
   "Oh, she dosent even know Im alive," said Brad.
  "Sure she does, look,. here she comes with betty and the other girls. Just 
say "Hey Janet, Ive got something to say..." and ask her out."
   "Well, o-okay," stammered Brad. He looked up. Janet was walking closer, 
closer, up the steps and towards them. She was beautiful.
   She was walking right up to him...
   "Hey Janet, Ive got something to..."
   And walked right past him and into the school.
   "...say." said Brad, and he looked down, dejected.
   "Well, better luck next time. So long, see you, Brad," said Ralph and we 
went into the school as well. He had an attraction to that Monroe girl, and 
wanted to ask HER out himself.
   Brad looked down at the ground, his heart breaking.
   "Dammit, Janet...I love you," he whispered to himself and started the 
long, lonely walk home.
   He walked down the stairs and towards the sidewalk. he heard the sounhd of 
high heeled shoes on concrete, and looked up. Much to his suprise, there was 
a woman walking right next to him...a very strange looking woman. She was 
dressed in a maids costume, with heeled boots and a run in her stocking. She 
carried a feather duster in one hand. Her face was a pasty white, her lips 
red, her curled hair a shock of magenta red.
  Must be the new drama teacher he had heard about, doing Shakespear or 
   "Janets a beautiful girl, isnt she Brad?" said the woman.
   "Yes," Brad said, and smiled.
   "I can help you get her, if you'd like." the woman said, her voice had an 
accent. german? Slavic? Ha, Transylvanian or Romanian?
   "What makes you think I want her? And how do you know my name?" Brad asked.
  "Oh, I happen to know a great deal about a lot of things," she said as they 
walked. Brad stopped.
  "Oh yeah? Like what?" he said.
  "Well, I know that you met Janet in Dr. Scotts refresher course." said the 
drama teacher with the white face and red lips.
   "Ha, thats easy. What else do you know?"
  "I know that you watch her when you think no one is looking," she teased 
with a smile.
   "Like that's a secret," Brad said and started to walk away. he felt 
uncomfortable that this woman knew so much about him, that he had been that 
   "I know other things," said the teacher as she walked to keep up with him.
   "Like what? That the sun is hot or that the moon isnt really made of green 
cheese?" he teased. The woman,even if she was a teacher, was getting on his 
   "I know that you love Janet Weiss. I know that you want to marry her, that 
in your lonley heart you feel that she is the only woman for you, and tht you 
go home every night and lay awake in bed with a stuffy thiking about her, 
isnt that right Brad?"
   "Maybe..." Brad said. Then, "So how do you know all these things?"
   The teacher leaned closer.
   "Promise you wont tell?" she said. 
   Brad nodded.
   "Because Im the Devil," she hissed in his ear, and leaned back to watch 
his reaction.
  Brad was silent for a moment and said,
  "the devil? For what, "Damned Yankess" or "The Devil and Daniel Webster?" I 
dont have time for school plays, I have to go."
  "No, Brad, Im for real! I AM the devil! Satan, evil incarnate, the Price of 
Darkness...well, PrinCESS, anyway.SAnd I cant grant you Janet, or any other 
wish you want! Come on, try me! The first one is for free!"
  Brad was getting REALLY anoyed by now.
  "Okay, I wish I ddnt have to walk home, I wish I had a limo to pick me up."
  "Easiest thing in the world," said the woman, and just then a long black 
limo pulled up. A man got out, a balck man in a dark suit and dark subgless 
and goatee mustache (yes, this is Rufus Collins, the guy that drove Ralphs 
car in RH at the wedding scene!), and opened the door for Brad.
   "Well, come on, "said the teacher as she got in first.
   "Is this YOUR car?" Brad asked. The teachers hand shot out, grabbed him by 
the wrist, and pulled him in.
   The car drove off.

   Brad sat in the back of the car-things were moving too fast! Fisrt he 
humiliated himself in front of Janet, then this nutty drama coach tells him 
that she is the devil, and now he's sutting in the back of a limo!
  "So, shall we get down to business?" asked the teacher. She held out her 
hand, and Brad shook it.
   "Whats your name?" asked Brad.
   "I have many names, but you can call me Magenta."
  "Magenta?" Brad asked. He never heard of a woman named after a color before.
   "You would prefer Lucifer? Legion? Beelebulb?"
  "Magenta is fine," said Brad. he looked out the window, and was shocked, 
They had only been driving for a few monets yet he was in a part of town that 
he didnt recognize.
  "So whats you mentioned?" Brad ask, expecting her to ask him 
to donate time or money to the drama car washing event oir something else.
  "Standard contract, really. You get seven wishes-anything you want-and in 
exchange I get you soul."
  "Uh huh...I think this is where I get off," said Bras as he reached for the 
door...and saw that his side had no lock, handle, or knob. He was trapped.
  "Oh, we can talk about the details overa we are."
  "Here? Where?" asked Brad. All he saw was abvroup of people outside of what 
looked like a night club. There was a huge "DV8" sign in Neon over the door.
   "Where?" Magenta laghed. "Why, we are where all your friends are!" She 
gigled, got out, and went to open Brads door. When Brad got out, the crowd 
  "Brad!" "Over hear, Brad!" "Oh my God, its BRAD!"
  Everyone was calling his name as they walked into the club. Women threw 
themselves at him, men smiled and shook his hands, the door staff called him 
"Sir" and moved the red velvet ropes for him, security clear a path, waiters 
and waitresses ran up with drinks for him,and all the time everyone was 
calling his name, hugging him...he had never had so much attention at one 
time before from so many people before in his life. MKagenta still had a grip 
on his wrist, and pulled him along,m thru the sea of admirers, until, she 
came to a plain, unmarked door and puled him in, away from the crowd.

  It was an office, a huge office, decorated in a fashion that was straight 
out of a b horror film: the ceiling was painted with clouds, there were two 
paintings of the Mona Lisa (both very oversized),a few pastry tables with 
cakes on them, and sticking out of the cakes were flags of all the nations. 
There was a juke box, and palm trees, and lights strewn about the place...and 
in the center was what looked oike a Kings throne...and Magenta sat right on 
   "So, down to business. have a seat, Brad," she said. Brad saw that there 
was a small chair in front of the throne. he sat.
   "Now, ready to sign?" Magenta snapped her fingers and a huge contract fell 
from nowhere, right onto Brads crotch.
  "WHOOF!" said Brad in more suprise than pain.
   "Sorry, just force of habit," said the grinning woman. "Now, if you just 
sign the bottom line of the last page we can get down to business," she said 
and handed Brad a pen.
   "Umm, I think this has gone just a little too far Miss..Magenta. Now, if 
you dont mind, I really have to get going.." Brad styarted to get up.
   "You still dont belive me, do you?" said Magenta, and she grinned like a 
  "How about I prove it to you?"
   "Go aheadf, but then Im leaving," said Brad as he sat back.
   "Fair enough." Magenta stood up and walked tyo the center of the small 
stage that the throne was on. She waited until she had Brads full attention, 
and snapped her fingers.
  POOF! The stench of brimstone and sulpher filled the room-Brad wanted to 
wretch. it stank! But when he saw what was in the smoke cloud as it 
dissapaited made him forget all about what his nostrils were smelling:
  The woman was no longer there. Insted, in her place, was a ...devil!
  It was six feet tall, with red skin and no hair above the waist. Below the 
waits it was all hair, and goats hooves, and a long, pointed tail. Its nailed 
were claws, its teeth were fangs, and iot looked at him with sadistic 
   "If this isnt good enough, we always have...this!" Magenta snapped her 
fingers again, and there was more smoke, and now the same demon was dressed 
in a top hat and tails, a stereotypical "gentlemans demon".
  "But I prefer..this." she snapped her fingeres again, and was Magenta again.
  Brad was on his knees in front of her. His eyes were wide, he coud=ldnt 
catch his breath. His face was white with fear.
   "You...your a...your the..the..." Brad stammered.
   "Devil?" Magenta asked.
   "Y-yeah," said Brad.
   "Hmm,yes Brad. Now, sit. And sign the contract."
   Brad got up, and he was frightened. Horrified. Terrified.
  "You! YOU WANT MY SOUL!" Brad said in fear and started to back away.
   Magenta rolled her eyes up. They always got so annoying when they reached 
this point in negotiations.
   "In exchange for seven wishes, and thats a fair bargain. Ask anyone."
   "No! NO! What cold you possible offer that would be worth my SOUL?!?" BRad 
was near panic...but that was okay. Magenta knew how to calm him down. he was 
hooked, all she needed to do was reel him in.
  "How about this?" Magenta snapped her fingers again, and the far wal turned 
into a huge television screen...and Janet was on it!
  She was dressed in a pink dress, white hat, and black shoes. He held a 
bouquet in her hand, and stood in front of a church. There was a man there, a 
man who had given her an engagement ring, a man that was singing to her...
   And it was him. HIM.
   Magenta smiled. Oh, we was hooked alright.
   Brad watched himself as he proclaimed his love for her, followed her into 
a church, knlet with her and gave her a kiss as she said that she loved him 
in return...
   Brads vision on the screen turned to him and said,
   "Sign the contract Brad,"
   Janet then turned to him and said,
   "Sign the contract Brad," and went back to kissing Brad.
   "Sign the contract,Brad," said Magenta as she placed the pen gently in his 
hand...and without even looking at the paper, he signed on the bottom line.
   "Wonderful!" chimed Magenta. "Now, lets get to your wishes!"

   To be continued...

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