The RHPS-Shocky-T connection
by Judge Oliver Wright
Greetings, my friends. I am here to tell you of a connection between two of our favorite flicks, the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment. Many people of Denton have approached me saying that Shock Treatment is not a sequel to Rocky Horror! Today, I tend to prove you naysayers wrong! (Note: This is only a theory and NOT an official connection to the movies)

First, there is the matter of Brad and Janet Majors, who you remember was transformed into transylvanians at the end of RHPS. In shock treatment, you see the after effects of what it did to these two. You see, Janet who had no problem wearing womens under garments, became more agressive, confident, and dominant. (After all you recall that her "confidence had increased") Then Brad, after the experience, tried to live his life the way it was before he entered the castle of Dr.Furter. He decided to supress his animal-like sexual urges so he could be "normal" in his eyes. What he also did was supress any feelings, emotions and compassion he ever had. This conflict of personalities between Brad and Janet had them not get along too well, so Janet's parents reffered them to DTV's residential shrinks to be put on a new marriage counsuling show- which is where the story is picked up in ST!

Second there are hints of Transylvanian activity inside the DTV studios. If you look hard you will see things that were showcased in RHPS that are hidden in ST, If you look in the dressing room, you will see the transylvanian lightning emblem on the electric box, the American Gothic painting seen in the foyer of Frank's castle is in the wardrobe room along with a transylvanian tuxedo coat. And if you take a hard look, you will see that the throne Janet sits in during the Faith Factory show is the same throne seen in Frank's ballroom painted red! And what of Cosmo and Nation McKinley? Are they in fact Riff-Raff and Magenta incognito? All sign say it's more than likely. First, they are both siblings and lovers, they are both played by Ritz O'Brien and Patricia Quinn, and the McKinleys have a very shady past (not to mention obviously made up names). There are also actors who played transylvanians in the DTV staff (eg: Wardrobe Mistress and Neeley's crew) and there are rumors that the rest of the transylvanians are in the audience as well. (I haven't been able to find any, though)

Does this mean that Denton has not been rid of it's alien problem? Does this mean that ST is, infact a sequel to RHPS? Is ST the bridge between Rocky Horror and the upcoming "Revenge of the Old Queen" story? (If it ever gets made, however.) Well, these questions I will leave you to answer. I myself would like to believe it.

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