Be careful what you wish may get it
Bill Brennan

Frank N Furter had taken to studying witchcraft. He was simply facinated by it...and he was ready to conjure up his first demon. He had no idea that everything was about to go horribly wrong for him.

It all started about two months ago. It was just weeks after he and his servents, riffraff and his sister, Magenta, made planetfall. For the domestic and the handyman, it was a time of great activity: securing the land that the castle had landed on, arranging for materials and food and supplies and other "deliveries", security, transportation, assimilating the three of them into the local culture..Riffraff and Magenta would be busy for weeks to come. But not Dr. Furter. No, for his, this was a time of bordom. When the castle first landed, Furter had his portion of the work done in days: the lab had been stocked and the cultivation vats had been filled with local raw material recovered from a "bone yard" as Riffraff called it. The raw material was breaking down into compotent enzymes and proteins and molecules and atoms, and woldnt be ready for liquification and catalyst work for weeks.

Wine and drugs can only distract a person for so Furter decided to do some anthropological reaserahc on the locals...and among other findings, he discovered witchcraft.

And he was facinated. Transylnanian culture had never developed anything like it: science and sex and exploration and pleasure was the religion, and the curse, of his world...the imiginary world of demons and ghosts had never been breached.

So Frank learned: Wicca, Satanism, Cathlocism, Voodoo, Earth-worship, SanToria, Buddism..he studied it all, and then made another discovery: human beings were doing something WRONG for over a hundred years! It was in one of the more esoteric and interesting types of witchcraft...Black Magic.

Frank cleared a place in the lab, erased the Pentagram he had drawn on the tiled floor, and re-drew it on the wall of the lab. He turned down the liught, lit the candles, and muttered the appropriate words. He didnt REALLY expevt to conjure up a demon-they were fiction, of course!- but still, humans had been drawing the Pengram on the FLOORS for over a hundred years, when they were REALLY supposed to be drawn on a wall! It would be interesting to see what happened...

BAMF! A flash of light, the stink of sulphur...and standing there in the Pentagram was a demon! It was trapped there, as the book described, his head, ankles, and wrists attached to the 5 points of the Pentagram. Frank gasped, and turned to run. He didnt really expect it to work! "GET BACK HERE!" screamed the demon, and his voice boomed all through the lab. Frank heard some test tube rattle, and he stopped in tracks, turned on his high heels, and walked back towards the demon. This, he decided, was an amazing discovery! He looked at the demon: red skin, pointed horns, fat stomach, clawed fingers and toes. He stank. He had a huge member. And when he smiled Frank saw that he had sharks teeth. "Well, fashion has changed in a hundred years," said the demon as he looked at Franks attire: stockings and heels and a corset. "Why the hell hasnt anyone called me before now?" the demon demanded. "They forgot how," said Frank, getting more facinated. "They keep drawing the Pentagram on the floor." "They expect me to appear on my BACK!?! On the FLOOR!?!" said the demon, enraged. Frank shrugged his shoulders. He didnt know what to say. "Okay, lets get down to business. You get one wish, at which time I take possesion of your soul. What do you want, Jack?" asked the demon. "I...dont want anything. This is more of an expetriemnt, you see, and I have no intention of trading soul to you. So, I guess you can just poof off back to hell or whereever it is you came from, sorry to have wasted your time," said Frank. "You dont get it, sonny. I was called, I came, Im HERE. I get your soul wether you wish for anything or not. You have one hour to decided." The demon gave his wrists a pull, and Frank flinched back a bit. "Just checking. Oneof these days Im gonna get loose early, know what I mean?" said the demon, and gave Frank a smile..drool ran down his chin, and Frank was starting to get scared. What did he get himself into? Did he even have a soul? He didnt read that far in the book! What to do? Think! The demon started to laugh. "Didnt really plan this far ahead, did you, sonny?" barked the demon. And Frank started to get frantic....he was truly getting afraid. After ten minutes he got an idea. "Fine. I want you to be frozen in time BEFORE you collect my soul!" FRank said, and gafavored the demon with a smile. With him frozen in time, he couldnt GET to him to collect his soul! Stalemate! "Fine," said the demon. He looked smug. Frank didnt like that. "By terms of the agreement you will get your wish, but I will REQUIRE your soul as payment. You had one hour for your wish to go into effect, and it cant end until payment is amde in full. You took ten minutes to make your mind up-so, I will be back in fifty minutes to collect your soul! Ha ha HA HA HAAAAAAA!" And the demon went silent. Frank approached him,w aved his hands in fornt of his face. The demon was still as stone...and so was everything else. Frank looked artound-liquids in the vats were frozen in time, in mid boil. Bubbles stopped in between being whole and poppoing, and the numbers on the clock didnt move, the moon didnt change position in the night sky...the demon had stopped time, for everyone, everywhere,except for him! And that ment that Frank only had less than 50 minutes to figure a way out of this mess!

He wandered the castle, thiking. He walked down to the vats and starred at the very beginnings of his greatest work, his love, his child...and saw the demon frozen there still. Thirty minutes to go. He walked upstairs (the elevator wouldnt work) and came across Riffraff and Magenta in one of the rooms: the domestic was shackled ankle and wrists to a bed while the handyman forced himself upon her...and she smiled. "So, hard at work, eh?" sneered Frank. Then he spied the bottle of wine. He picked iy up, and shattered it: the glass cracked but didnt fall due to the stppage of time. Frank picked and peeled the glass from the liquid and placed the broken bits on the floor. he thenpositioned the wine, which still kapy it "bottle" shape, directly over Riffraffs head. WEhen the demon came back and time started again, he would get quite a suprise. Ten minutes. Frank ran down to the lab. he only had moments left. He had to think! Five minutes. He sat on his throne...sweat beaded on his forhead, and he looked distressed! Three minutes! And he stopped, and smiled. He had it! Frank ran to the lab table and got a rag and some solvent and quickly erased the whole Pentagram . He was going to re-draw it. The demon HAD to appear inside the Pentagram, that was one of the rules. Of couirse the demon would just appear wherever Frank re-drew it...and thats exactly what Frank was counting on. Ten seconds...

"Im back!" said the demon with a smile. Then, a look of confusion. "So, you moved the Pentagram, made it smaller. No problem, Didnt you guys that I wold just shrink myself, re-appear,. THEN make myself normal sized and take your soul? be right back!" The demon poofed away, and re-appeared, only smaller. "Hey, wait a minute," said the demon in a smaller voice. He vanished and came back again, only even smaller. "Where in the hells is the Pentagram!?!" he squeeked, and vanished again...and again, and again, until he was gone. He had to appear INSIDE the Pentagram, and Frank N Furter had simply re-drawn the Pentagram..on the demons stomach. The thing from hell would shrink itself forever, trying to fit into a cage that shrunk everytime he did.

Furter threw away all the witchcraft books that morning, and decided to take his distractions elsewhere. Take that new delivery boy, Eddie, for example...