Blue Money: Tim Curry in the Bath Tub:
By Phoenix
Blue Money (1982) is a must-see for all Tim Curry fans. Though the premise of the movie isn't very original, the film does have its moments. Just picture this: Tim Curry in a bath tub pretending to play sax using a blue whale bath toy!

The movie is the story of Larry Gormley, an aspiring actor/singer and cabbie in London. He recently left his wife and children for a much younger also aspiring singer. Gormley finally gets his big shot at stardom when he lands the starring role in a musical, by singing "I Can't Get No Satisfaction." Unfortunately, the producer promptly dies and Gormley is left with no role and must go back to driving the cab.

Gormley, sick of being down and out, makes a rather bold move. While his mobster fare runs into a local convenience store, Gormley, noticing the large sum of cash in the mobster's briefcase, drives away. He has a second thought and tries to go back, but his fare is gone. Gormley revels in the money and at first doesn't realize what kind of danger that he is now in because of his impulsive thievery. The rest of the film has him dodging the mob, his slimy friend who finds out what is going on, the cops, and a hitchhiker that he and his girlfriend picked up while escaping from the cops. Overall, the movie isn't the best, but there are some great moments.

The entire title sequence, featuring Curry in the bath tub is definitely worth watching. Seeing Tim Curry impersonate Mick Jagger is also great, and the last sequence of the film, featuring Gormely in his musical is also great. Curry's impersonations of Elvis also amused me. Seeing Tim Curry pretending to play the piano is also pretty amusing, as he obviously has no idea how to really play.

In the costume party scene, if you look carefully, you can see a man dressed as Frank, but only for a split second. Billy Connely ("Head of the Class") steals a lot of scenes as the wayward hitchhiker. Debby Bishop who co-stars as Gormely's girl friend unfortunately gets an opportunity to sing, something I could have done without. All in all, this movie was better than Congo.

Here are some clips from the songs Tim sings in Blue Money:
Ball Tonight (As recorded by: Little Richard
Blue Money (As recorded by: Van Morrison)
Blue Monday (As recorded by: Fats Domino)
Hit the Road Jack (As recorded by: Ray Charles)
I'm gonna be a wheel someday. (From Blue Money)

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