The Evils of Pop Rocks and Rocky Horror
Indiana Ed
I knew I was going to be into Rocky Horror Picture Show the first time I even got a glimpse at it last year. I was twelve years old and stumbled across a program on VH1. I forget the exact title, but it had something to do with the making of RHPS. I sat there and watched it, thoroughly intrigued. It looked like a really good movie, so after trick-or-treating I forced my friends to stay up with me until midnight to watch it on VH1. We didn't even get to the elevator scene before they started to complain about how dumb it was. I should've known then we were totally different people- looking back it doesn't suprise me I'm not friends with them now.

Although I desperately tried to find it at the video store, I couldn't. I forgot about Rocky Horror Picture Show until that summer, where all my camp friends absolutely loved it. Once again, I was incredibly excited. They told me a lot about it, and I was just itching to get my hands on that video- or see it in the theatre.

When I got home I called up my friend Lynn, one of the coolest people ever, and told her that before it was too late, we were going to rent it. About mid-September we did finally rent it. I remember sitting on the couch with Lynn and from the minute the lips graced the screen we were hooked. After the first time we sat transfixed, we got dressed up for the second, in full costume. ( I can't wait to see the pictures we took ) After the third time that night, we hopped on line and joined the fan club. After the fourth we climbed into our sleeping bags and dreamt RHPS dreams.

Now we're totally hooked. We know a lot of the lines. We sing the songs. It changed our lives. And I think to myself, if I had just let those friends last year convince me it was " dumb ", where would I be now? A lot less happier, I tell you.

Written by: Alison

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