by Julius Seizure XIV

Many of you have the CD "Rocky Horror International" from 1990.  
No doubt, you 
have listened to track #3, "Alltid Lys Hos Frankenstein" and assumed 
it was in 
Norwegian.  This could not be further from the truth.  The lryics are 
English, as the following transcription will prove... 

At a deeper market
From storing ought
Lease her clout
Let the shaman doubt
Some of them -- uh-oh
Foot to eye

Sail on, Cleese
Altered as a Frankenstein space
Sailing east
Lease a big banana - hey
Sailing Cleese -- he eats
Say now, outlaws
So markets he defeats

Yes, I flog a fire
Fire build a bomb
Summer farm
They move Aaron -- no...
Pedro!  Hot post steady
For us, too

Got a lease
Altered as a Frankenstein space
Got a lease
He's another hunk of clay
Got a lease
It is -- sailor Elton
So markets he defeats

Mountain leaves soot
Some in flu
The man can damage
SEND! the kook
For the lease it keeps unscrambling
Enemy clean
Enemy clean

Got a lease
Altered as a Frankestein space
Got a lease
Weezer came the other day
Got a lease -- it is
Sail on, au pair
So markets -- he decrees

It's a little hard to understand because of the strange accents, but it's
definitely in English.  Yup, the so-called "Norwegian Cast" were 
actually a
group of fun-loving surealist real estate agents from Boise with a 
for musical theater.  Note the numerous references to leases 
throughout the
song.  (Not many know this, but Century 21 is actually a subsidiary 
of 20th
Century Fox.)  They were also big Monty Python fans, especially John 
who is mentioned in the song.  They also could, apparently, predict 
future.  Notice the reference to '90s rockers Weezer and Pedro and 
Aaron from
MTV's "The Real World."  Other oddiites: the reference to Elton John 
in the
second chorus, the fixation on "sailing" throughout, and Riff Raff's
obsession with cleanliness.  (Perhaps he learned this from Magenta?)  
Oh, by
the way, an "au pair" is like a live-in babysitter (a reference to 
Magenta?) and a "shaman" is a priest believed to have magical 
powers (is this
Frank? Scotty?).  Perhaps we'll never know the meaning of these