Sadie Corre Interview:

Sadie Corre, The Smallest Transylvanian, standing 4'2"

This interview was done via email, and on a 45 minute telephone call to Australia on Feburary 13th, 1998.
Sadie was polite and very lively especially from someone turning 80 years old in May. We discussed her acting career, her life of dancing and acting all over the world, from movies to vaudvillian style club acts. She began formal dancing at age 5 and made her first public performance at age 7. She has supported herself as an actor and dancer all her life.

Editors Note: She also gave me a very good recipe for fried rice in the microwave, and she adopted me as her "american grandson" :-)

Cosmo: Do you feel The Rocky Horror Picture Show helped your career?

Sadie: No, I didn't feel the RHPS helped me at all. I liked the movie, taped it, but only play the bits of it with "the Trannies"…(natch !)

Cosmo: How do you feel about the international following the Rocky Horror Picture Show still has 21 years after it's release?

Sadie: I am amazed about the International following to the film; we still get repeats of the play in London and on tour.

Cosmo: Do you have any interesting stories regarding working with with any of your other cast mates?

Sadie: Chrissie Biggies (Christopher Biggins to everyone else) use to collect 3 of us, myself, Pam and Peggy. Sometimes another actress but can't remember which one. ( After all it's a long time ago and I'm not getting any younger !! Ha !)
Cosmo: So you had 3 trannie's car-pooling to the set each day!?

Sadie: Yes... the Trannie car pool consisted of Chrissie Biggins driving... Myself, Pam, Peggy, and sometimes one of the guys would would go with us as well. the journey would have taken about 45 - 60 minutes either way starting out at about 6.00 in the morning... to start work at 8.00 and they left the studio anytime from 9 to 14 hours later..... Time Warp took a week of reheasal....... then the trannies scenes took 10 days to shoot !!!

Cosmo: How were the transylvanians recruited for their parts?

Sadie: I don't know about the others, but, I was sent for an interview by a hither to unknown to me agent, to the Regent Theatre in Chelsea to meet Michael White. The call had obviously gone out … for Character Actors with a difference, who also had dancing skills. It was not until we were a week away from rehearsals that I knew I was in the film!!

Cosmo: Were you allowed to stay for the entire filming of the movie? Or did you leave when your scenes were done?

Sadie: We didn't stay for the entire film, only for the scenes we were in, so I never met the people in the wedding scene etc., It was filmed in the "Bray Studios" near Windsor Castle Berkshire. England

Cosmo: Have you seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show in a theater with a cast?

Sadie: Michael gave me a pass to see the original Stage show at the Regent Theatre. And interestingly enough there were NO TRANNIES !!!

Cosmo: Were you specifically chosen to have more time on screen then any of the other transylvanians? Or did it just happen like that?

Sadie: I don't think I was specifically chosen to do more scenes, I think little bits of business just came to Richard as we went along and I filled the bottom half of the screen so well !!

Cosmo: Do you keep in contact with anyone else from the film currently?

Sadie: David Togari, ( lovely man ) was the Choreographer, I worked with him in a B.B.C. "one off " drama / comedy. Unfortunately he died earlier this year aged only 64. ( I was dumbstruck. ) I've met up with Chrissie many times. I belong to the Grand Order of Lady Ratlings ( which is the sister organisation to the Grand Order of Water Rats…. Prince Charles and Prince Philip are members a bit like the Variety Club ) Chrissie opened our Bazaar last September I had a photo taken sitting on his knee, would you like me to send it !!!
Cosmo: Yes Please!

Cosmo: We're you asked to appear in Shock Treatment, the Rocky Horror follow-up movie?

Sadie: Richard O'Brien was very easy to work with, he said he would put me in the next "Epic". But, I never heard another word, and I think that sunk. ( I didn't even know what it was called until I saw your site )

Cosmo: What other works can my readers see you in?

Sadie: I think you may be able to spot me ( if you don't blink ) in the ballroom scene ( as a Vulgarian this time ) in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" I was dancing with a 6' 4" tall man with 2 left feet ! Before my hip replacement operation, I'd done a few commercials, one was very nice money wise, I just sat back and watched myself earning the "lolly" ( Nice One! )

Cosmo: What are you doing recently?

Sadie: Haven't done anything recently as it takes time to get back to walking without a stick and I'm afraid I'm getting older and lazier and don't rush after jobs - if they come to me, fine, but otherwise I live the life of a lady of leisure ( whoops - perhaps that's the wrong way of putting it !! )

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