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Subject: CRD: r/rocky_horror/eddies_teddy.crd
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 1995 17:24:03 +0200
From: Juergen Wuest (HiWi CEMP) 

This is ``Eddie's Teddy'' from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Lyrics snatched from a posting by (Angela Reid)
to newsgroup

>From the ``Rocky Horror Picture Show''
Words and Music by Richard O'Brien, around 1973

	    D			     G	 A	  D	    D7
(DR. SCOTT) From the day he was born,      he was trouble.
		 G   A			    D	D7
He was the thorn       in his mutter's side
		   G   A	     D					Bm
She tried in vain. (NARRATOR) But he never caused her nothing but shame.
	 G			  A
(SCOTT)  He left home the day she died.

			  G  A	       D
>From the day she was gone	All he wanted
		       G   A		     D
was rock and roll, porn,    und a motor bike
		 G	   A	      D 			  Bm
Shooting up junk. (NARRATOR) He was a low-down, cheap little punk.
	G		      A
(SCOTT) Taking everyone for a ride.


	D		   G
(ALL)   When Eddie said he didn't like his teddy
    A			      D G D
You knew he was a no good kid
When he threatened your life with a switch blade knife 
	 A						    D
(FRANK)  What a guy. (JANET)  Makes you cry. (SCOTT)  Und I did.

	    E	      A 	    E		A
(COLUMBIA)  Everybody shoved him. I very nearly loved him.
       D	      D7	  G
I said,  "Hey, listen to me. Stay sane inside insanity."
       E7				  A
But he locked the door and threw away the key.

				   G  A      D			       G
(SCOTT) But he must have been drawn     into something. Making him warn
A			D
me in a note which reads   (ALL) What's it say?  What's it say?
			  G  A	  D		    Bm
(EDDIE) I'm out of my hed.     O, hurry or I may be dead.
     G				  A
They mustn't carry out their evil deeds.

(Repeat CHORUS twice; the second time the last line goes:)

		G			A		    D
(FRANK)  What a guy. (JANET)  Makes you cry. (SCOTT)  Und I did.
      C#   D
(ALL) Woe  woe.