Rocky Related Movies:

cover A must have for any RHPS fan. The25th Anniversary DVD features the mono soundtrack and commentary by Richard O'Brien and Patricia Quinn.

cover The 25th Anniversary VHS.

cover Take a rare behind-the-sequins-tour of Rocky Horror shadow casts past and present on the Regular Frankie Fan DVD.

The followup to Rocky Horror,Shock Treatment, is available in VHS format only.

I Wanna Be a Beauty Queen is an all-out 1970's Pop Culture beauty pageant complete with Divine, a donkey, and a brief but memorable cameo of Rocky's own Nell Campbell performing the title song as "Miss World's End."

cover Watch Meatloaf perform on the VH1 show on the Meatloaf Storytellers DVD.

cover The VHS edition of A&E Biography: Susan Sarandon chronicles the life and career of Susan Sarandon, including clips from RHPS.

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cover One of Tim Curry's best performances, besides Frank, of course, was the equally energetic and enigmatic butler in the DVD Clue.

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cover The chilling science fiction thriller Dark City stars Kiefer Sutherland and Richard O'Brien in one of his most haunting roles yet. In DVD format.

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cover See if you can find Richard O'Brien on the DVD classic Flash Gordon. Here's a tip: look for the guy playing the, well, pipe?

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