Trivia Quiz #9 - 20 Hard Questions:

These are the questions people said were unfair because of the way they were worded or too tough to ask! Because this quiz is so damn hard, the correct answers will be displayed and explained, if you get the question wrong.

I am doing this just for fun not to be a asshole. - Cosmo

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Question #1 Which role was played by Tim Curry? A: Ralph Hapshcatt B: The minister C: Eddie D: Brad Majors

Question #2 How many Walt Disney characters are portrayed or seen in the movie? A: 8 B: 7 C: 1 D: 0

Question #3 How many Translyvanians are seen riding in the elevator? A: 1 B: 2 C: 3 D: 0

Question #4 Who now owns the jacket originally worn by The Criminologist? A: Jason Pfaff B: Jonathan Adams C: Charles Gray D: Sal Piro

Question #5 How many people do we see smoking cigarettes in the movie? A: 2 B: 4 C: 3 D: 5

Question #6 What did Tim Curry's role have in common with his father? A: They were both seen in drag in movies B: They were both killed by lasers C: They were both doctors D: They were both ministers

Question #7 Which way do we see the globe spin at the end? A: Clockwise B: Counter-Clockwise C: Both D: Neither

Question #8 True or False: Richard O'Brien attended the University of Texas, thats where he got the idea for Denton. Denton, Texas A: True B: False

Question #9 True or False: Meatloaf has been (eaten) in another movie other than The Rocky Horror Picture Show? A: True B: False

Question #10 What is the first name of Patrica Quinn's son? A: Pat B: Quinn C: Richard

Question #11 What is the first name of Richard O'Brien's son? A: Charlie B: Linus C: Schroeder

Question #12 What is the name of Little Nell's Club in New York? A: Columbia's B: Little Nell's C: Nells

Question #13 What was the cover price of the comic book in the Criminologist's Book? A: 25 Cents B: 50 Cents C: 1 Dollar

Question #14 How many holes are in the drain in front of the freezer where Eddie is kept? A: 14 B: 21 C: 7 D: 2

Question #15 Who is credited as being the first person to ever call-back to the screen? A: Sal Piro B: Tony Wright C: Louis Farese D: Jason Pfaff E: That annoying guy who comes down from Dayton pushing the Cincinnati people to join Sal's Fan Club (Please note: the last two names are not the same person)

Question #16 Even though there are very few films with all the frames left in them, I will still ask this question:
How many frames pass thru the projector on an American copy of the film?
(Note: Without Superheroes)
A: 136,800 B: 123,222 C: 100,010 D: 123,800

Question #17 Who is the 'late night double feature' by? A: Richard O'Brien B: Radio Keith Orpheum C: Lou Adler D: Ruth Fink-Winter

Question #18 True or False: Riff-Raff thought Brad was a drug dealer? A: True B: False

Question #19 Who wrote the foreword for Creatures of the Night II? A: Sal Piro B: Lou Adler C: Evan 'The JabberWokky' D: Barry Bostwick

Question #20 Who supplied the action vehicles for the movie? A: General Motors B: Nine Nine Cars, Ltd. C: Eubury Vehicles, Inc. - London D: Mercson Cars, Co. Inc.