Trivia Quiz #8 - 15 Questions:

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Question #1 Who is Steve Reeves? A: A guy who played Superman in the 1950's B: A guy who played in Hercules movies C: The guy who played the tall Transylvanian D: The designer of lingerie in the 1940's

Question #2 Who is Lili St. Cyr? A: The lady who played Jane in early Tarzan movies B: The original choice for Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz C: A stripper who opened a lingerie store D: The patron saint of stomach disorders

Question #3 What Walt Disney characters are seen in the movie? (Note: Excluding the Mickey Mouse ears on Columbia) A: Donald Duck B: Goofy C: The Seven Dwarfs D: 101 Dalmatians

Question #4 Who played the role of the minister at the wedding scene? A: Richard O'Brien B: Tim Curry C: Barry Bostwick

Question #5 How does Eddie sign the letter to Dr. Scott? A: Ed B: Nephew C: Love Eddie D: Yours

Question #6 Other than the wheelchair, what is the only personal item left behind after the castle takes off? A: Janet's purse B: The condom in Brad's Ass C: Dr. Scott's Umbrella D: Eddie's Teddy

Question #7 How old does Rocky say he is? A: Too old B: 14 Hours C: 7 Hours D: 12 Hours

Question #8 How many times does Riff-Raff address Frank-n-Furter by name? A: 2 B: 6 C: 1

Question #9 When is the only time Frank-n-Furter addresses Columbia by name? A: In bed B: At dinner C: During the floor show D: When they get out of the elevator

Question #10 True or False:
Mao Tse-Tung is pictured in the movie? A: True B: False

Question #11 Who makes the first cut into Rocky's bandages? A: Riff-Raff B: Magenta C: Columbia

Question #12 Why is Frank's mission a failure? A: He hasn't perfected the Laser B: He hasn't killed Dr. Scott C: He hasn't mated D: His lifestyle is too extreme

Question #13 How many times does Janet faint? A: 3 B: 4 C: 5 D: 6

Question #14 How many monitors do we see used? A: 3 B: 4 C: 5 D: 6

Question #15 Why does Janet quit clapping during Frank's speech? A: Columbia stops her B: Brad stops her C: Everyone else stops D: She drops her purse

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