Trivia Quiz #4 - 45 Easy Questions:

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Question #1 What famous film company logo is used as a background during the floor show? 20th Century Fox RKO Warner Brothers

Question #2 What is Brad's middle initial? A J F

Question #3 Who does Janet ask GOD to bless? Lili St. Cyr Frank-n-Furter George Powell

Question #4 What does Frank-n-Furter first refer to Riff-Raff as? An Idiot Riff My Faithful Handyman

Question #5 Finish the line - '...the river was deep but...' I drank it I ran it I swam it

Question #6 What does Janet bump into in her bedroom? A water basin A wheelchair A dresser

Question #7 What shape is the grandfather clock? A cross A coffin A rectangle

Question #8 What RHPS actress was in Parent Trap III? Little Nell Patricia Quinn Koo Stark

Question #9 What RHPS actor played Wadsworth in Clue? Jonathan Adams Barry Bostwick Tim Curry

Question #10 Who was the first one in the pool? (Trick Question) Frank Columbia Janet

Question #11 During the dinner scene, what does Dr. Scott drink from? A coffee mug with little black footprints Mason Jar A beer stein

Question #12 Do all of the Wedding guests reappear as Transylvanians? (Excluding Brad and Janet) Yes No

Question #13 Does Brad have any tattoos? Yes No

Question #14 Does Janet wear earrings in the movie? Yes No

Question #15 Is there a picture of Ronald Reagan in the film? Yes No

Question #16 What animal is on the vaulting horse's gift tag? Dog Rabbit Butterfly Goat Head

Question #17 What color are the flower vases in the church? Black and White All Black All White Light Blue

Question #18 What popular singer told VH-1 he learned to sing by listening to his mother's RHPS soundtrack? Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish) Michael Stipe (REM) Meat Loaf

Question #19 What is wrong with the last dog that chases Rocky? It is blind in one eye It has one leg It has one ear

Question #20 What month yields 3 RHPS actors'/actress's birthdays? December June May

Question #21 What does Frank put on his piece of meat during the dinner scene? Flour Ketchup Dijon Mustard

Question #22 The word Horror is used only once in RHPS the movie True False

Question #23 When the castle blasts off what is seen in the sky? A hot air balloon A small plane A rainbow

Question #24 What color is Columbia's Bow Tie? Blue Black Yellow Red

Question #25 What statue is seen outside the castle door? Gargoyle Dog (Scooby-Doo Type) Small statue of liberty