Trivia Quiz #3 - 45 Easy Questions:

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Question #1 Where does Dr. Scott lose his umbrella? The stairs By the coffin In the bathroom

Question #2 What was all Eddie wanted ? Columbia Rock 'n' Roll, and a motorbike To shoot up junk

Question #3 What shape are Janet's barrettes? Triangle Round Square

Question #4 What shall Magenta receive in abundance? Frank Nothing Cheese Cloth

Question #5 What does Frank toast to? Absent Friends Present Lovers Absent Friends and Rocky

Question #6 What kind of tree is in the ballroom? Fig Tree Palm Tree Oak Tree

Question #7 What one piece of jewelry does Columbia wear? Ring Necklace Ankle Bracelet

Question #8 How many times does Brad mispronounce Janet's last name? 1 2 3

Question #9 Does Janet wear earrings? Yes No

Question #10 What is the center piece of the dining table? A bear Eddie's Teddy Bear Eddie

Question #11 What number is tattooed on Frank's leg? p7a77 4711 47747

Question #12 What does Janet do when Brad hands her a lab coat? Takes it Takes the other one Refuses it

Question #13 How many blocks of ice seal Eddie in the deep freeze? 24 36 9

Question #14 What are the colors of the Transylvanian flag? Red and Black Yellow and Black Black and White

Question #15 How many times does Frank call Riff Raff an "Idiot"? Once Twice "Three times a Lady"

Question #16 When does Janet remove her barettes? When going to the elevator During Eddie's Dance Right after she walks in front door

Question #17 What isn't spent yet? Janet's Virtue Brad's Trust Janet's Faith

Question #18 What is the name of the church? Sean Cope Memorial Church Denton Episcopalian Church Denton Church of GOD

Question #19 What does the patch on Brad's jacket say? Denton High School - 1970 Denton High School - 1969 Denton High School - 1963

Question #20 What brand cigarettes does Frank smoke? Marlboro Marlboro Lights Marlboro 100's

Question #21 Does Rocky's corset have straps? Yes No

Question #22 What label is "Teddy Bear" on? (For those of you confused, Teddy Bear is seen in Crim's book.) ODE Records 20th Century Fox ACME Records

Question #23 "Come, we are ready for...." Dinner Creation The Floorshow

Question #24 What 3 places are marked on Crim's Map? Cincinnati, Denton, Columbus Dr. Scott, Denton, Furter Janet, Brad, Frank

Question #25 What does the banner over Frank's throne say? Annual Transylvanian Convention Unconventional Conventionist Free Blows Here!

Question #26 What are the largest letters in the film's disclaimer? "Copyright 1970 ASCAP" "Richard O' Brien" "Entirely Fictitous" and "Or Dead"

Question #27 What color are the eyes of the gargoyles in the ballroom? Blinking Blue then Green Blue Green

Question #28 Who hums in the car? Brad Janet Richard Nixon

Question #29 Where does Janet put her gum after she takes it out of her mouth? Sticks it to the dashboard In her front purse pocket Her Front Pocket

Question #30 What color underwear does Columbia have hanging in her room? Black Pink White with a black stain

Question #31 How many times is Riff Raff hit with the whip in the elevator? 11 3 4

Question #32 Is Rocky ever referred to as "Rocky Horror" in the dialogue? Yes No

Question #33 Which arm is up when Brad is turned to a statue? Neither, but his penis is erect! Left Right

Question #34 What is Crim's only line during Planet Schmanet? "Perhaps" "Indeed" "And then she cried out..."

Question #35 What color underwear does the "Lips" say Flash Gordon was wearing? Silver Green Pink

Question #36 Where is Columbia hit with the laser beam? Breasts Knees Ass

Question #37 What does Riff Raff call Magenta before the castle blasts off? "My most godzilla like-sister" Pat "My most beautiful sister"

Questions #38 - 45 Check the boxes corresponding with which of these people acted in the film? The first one is done for you! Richard O'Brien Kimi Wong Sue Blane Colin Chivers Patricia Quinn Tony Then Denis Lewison J. Alan Pfaff BONUS QUESTIONS: These questions are added to your final score. They can only count for you not against you. So as an example if you got them all right (Good Luck!) you would have 47 right out of 45. BONUS QUESTION #46 The writer of this page (and all of Cosmo's Factory) is whom? Byron Brummer Jim Hetzer J. Alan Pfaff BONUS QUESTION #47 What is Jim Hetzer's vanity OHIO License plate say? COSMO ROCKY RHPS