Trivia Quiz #10 - 20 Questions:

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Question #1 What does Janet's necklace say? A: Brad B: Love C: Janet D: Joy

Question #2 Who damages a statue? A: a Transylvanian B: Janet C: Frank D: Dr. Scott

Question #3 What hand does Riff-Raff hold the laser in? A: Right B: Left

Question #4 What shape is the dining room table? A: Square B: Oval C: Rectangle D: Coffin Shaped

Question #5 How does Dr. Scott get out of the castle? A: Brad and Janet wheel him out B: Brad and Janet carry him C: Riff wheels him out D: Riff pushes him out the back door

Question #6 How many times do we see Brad and Janet kissing? A: 2 times B: 3 times C: 4 times D: never

Question #7 How many times does Riff-Raff shoot Rocky? A: 7 B: 6 C: 5 D: 4

Question #8 True or False: Ralph returns later in the movie to play Eddie A: True B: False

Question #9 Do Riff and Magenta ever wear fishnets? A: Yes B: No

Question #10 After "Ungrateful" when does Brad put his glasses back on? A: When Eddie gets killed B: When he sees Eddie C: When Frank begins his speech

Question #11 What is on the back of Frank's robe? A: His name B: A dragon C: Lips

Question #12 Which foot do we see Columbia putting nail polish on? A: Right B: Left

Question #13 When Brad and Janet enter the lab, what is Riff-Raff doing? A: munsterbating in the corner B: Covering the tank C: Dancing D: Setting up the mic

Question #14 Who doesn't look at Columbia when she says he's "OK"? A: Riff B: Frank C: Rocky D: Magenta

Question #15 What does Brad do when Dr. Scott says Eddie is his nephew? A: Picks his nose B: Sucks his thumb C: Bites his thumb D: Bites his lip

Question #16 What kind of lipstick does Eddie taste? A: Rose Bud B: Baby Pink C: Bloody Mary D: White Rum

Question #17 What does Brad think the Transylvanians are? A: Frank's Prostitutes B: Foreigners C: Locals D: Transylvanians

Question #18 What does Rocky do when Frank uncovers the table? A: Grabs Columbia B: Grabs Dr. Scott C: Grabs Janet D: Grabs Frank

Question #19 When will Ralph be in line for a promotion? A: A year or two B: A day or two C: Tomorrow D: Next month

Question #20 Where do we see a picture of Mao Tse-Tung? A: The jukebox in the ballroom B: Frank's coat C: Columbia's room D: Crim's desk