Trivia Disclaimer:

Greetings, Rocky Fan

I have wrote 9 trivia quizes to date here on my page. I hope you
all enjoy them. However, I must say I wrote them only to bring
attention to the smallest of details in the film. I have never
said..."All my Questions are 100% Correct." I will say that to my
knowledge all of the questions are correct.

I would never try to trick any of you! Except on Quiz #9.
To date 2/15/02, I have received 406 hate e-mails,
17 people tried to crash my guestbook page, included in the 406 hate
letters were 5 death threats! No kidding!
But, I will continue to write these trivia quizes for everyone to enjoy.

I get all of my questions for 6 sources. And I do my best to check
all answers before I put up the questions.
I use;
The Movie Novel
The Rocky Horror Book - Bill Henkin
Creatures of the Night I - Sal Piro
The Movie (of course)
The Rocky Trivia Quiz - Micheal Hess / E. Bernard Warg
Fan's Like You, Who email them to me.

If anyone has any questions or you want to know what the hell
I am talking about in a question. Just ask. No need to yell.

Good Luck.