Best of Crazy Captions:

Your Name: Apple Of Magenta's Eye
Your Caption: Proof that the Janet Jackson-Half time stunt has been pulled before!
Your Name: Regular Frankie Fan
Your Caption: Look, Anna Nicole told me Trim-Spa would work!

Your Name: Trioxin
Your Caption:Excuse me Sal, I know your trying to rest...
Your Name: morbidia
Your Caption: Her name is Robert Paulson , Her name is Robert Paulson.......

Your Name: CoSmIcPoWeRs
Your Caption: "Let's see, my first line is 'Uuunnggghhhh'....."
Your Name: Rifrafgod
Your Caption: I shoulod'nt have gotten so wraped up in the part, oh well.

Your Name: Tom
Your Caption: I know Bill is stoned all the time, but this is ridiculous!
Your Name: Morbidia
Your Caption: Clown to the left of me, joker to the right, here I am stuck in the midddle with you


Your Name: rockyhorror420
Your Caption: Moltar: Space Ghost...SPACE GHOST! We have a visitor.

Your Name: Kelso Horror
Your Caption: This weeks guest on "Space Ghost:Coast To Coast" Christopher Reeve, and he's selling umbrellas!

Your Name: RHPSrocks
Your Caption: Like I was saying, It was great when it all began...

Your Name: sara
Your Caption: "What? Curry called ME an ungrateful bastard!"

Your Name: faye raye
Your Caption: i'll do anything 4 love but i won't wear this again

Your Name: faye raye
Your Caption: yeah tim, i can fit in my leather jacket still,can you?

Your Name: jeweleyes
Your Caption: whoops, i mistook the toothpaste for the preperation h... mmmm! minty fresh!!

Your Name: scott
Your Caption: wow janet! who would have thought that squirles could fuck like that.

Your Name: freddie m.
Your Caption: cause of death: pants to tight!

Your Name: boingo_freak
Your Caption: love that joker!

Your Name: trinity
Your Caption: do you think it was a mistake, splitting the one head between the three of us?

Your Name: jo*****
Your Caption: now, it's time for kids trivia! ok kids, what's wrong with this picture???

Your Name: evil billy
Your Caption: a rare photo of walt disney after his unfreezing

Your Name: mistress nico
Your Caption: i swear they're real!

Your Name: bill brennan
Your Caption: welcome to the 10th anniversary name is nell, and i just came by to tell you all how fabulous i am...

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