The kickstarter campaign for the
The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me
is live right now!

There are some amazing perks including being made into a character in the game, a limited edition making of book, and a collector’s edition vinyl press of the original demo tapes recorded by Richard O'Brien when he first pitched the show back in 1973.


  • 09-24-1978: Happy Birthday Richard Smolen from newyork-philly, NY-PA

  • September 24st, 1974 Rocky Horror Film Schedule Established

  • 09-24-78: Happy Birthday Alexis--the domestic acting in I FORGET from PHX,Berkeley,San Fran., AZ and CA

  • 09-24-77: Happy Birthday Peppermint Patty acting in i dont know from doormont, PA

  • 09-24-93: i was the token virgin on my birthday (but i was not really a virgin) yea! Submitted By: Peppermint Patty

    Question: Is the red carpet in the ballroom still there during the Floor Show?
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