The kickstarter campaign for the
The Rocky Horror Show: Touch Me
is live right now!

There are some amazing perks including being made into a character in the game, a limited edition making of book, and a collector’s edition vinyl press of the original demo tapes recorded by Richard O'Brien when he first pitched the show back in 1973.


  • 03-22-1957: Happy Birthday Ramirez, Sam from Tempe, AZ

  • 03-22-??: Happy Birthday erin cardosi acting in The Satanic Mechenics, or Franks Babies, different virsions of the same cast from college park or springfield, maryland or virginia

  • 03-22-: Happy Birthday ERIN CARDOSI acting in Satanic Mechanics&Franks Babies from college park, , maryland or virginia

  • 03-22-97: My Friends an I dressed in full costume, I was Riff, and the cast let us do the Time Warp on the stage in front of the screen. It was the best time Ive ever had at Rocky!!! Long Live The Lips and Elbow Sex!! Submitted By: Tamiki Ohler (Tinkerbell on Crack)

  • 03-22-82: Happy Birthday erin

  • 3-22-82: Happy Birthday Sara from Kingston, PA

  • 03-22-1982: Happy Birthday Sara from Kingston, PA

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