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Posted: 12-15-03

Springman Records has released The Rocky Horror Punk Show CD

A we are giving some away... Just answer the trivia question...
Click Here

Posted: 12-15-03

Diamond Dead, a new movie from director George Romero and Executive Producer/Composer Richard Hartley has new website online. They are documenting every step of it's creation on the web. This site is a must for anyone interested in how a movie comes together.

They are considering Richard O'Brien for a part in the movie also!

Richard Hartley composed 9 original tracks for the movie. If you go to their website, you can hear his demos with him singing on them. So far the music is incredible.

Click Here for their Site

More Info. Coming Soon...

Posted: 11-25-03

Happy Holidays
We are at that time of year again where I take a month off of web site modifications to spend holidays with friends and family.

Please understand if there is a delay in responding to email.

See you all in 2004. Happy Holidays from
Cosmo's Factory!

Posted: 11-25-03

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  • 12-24-82: Happy Birthday Jonathan Michael Stewert from Pittsburgh Pa, pa

  • Posted: Daily
    Question: How many stripes are on the deck chairs during the Floor Show?
    Answer: Four red, three white.

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