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Posted: 03-05-05

Curry on NPR

Tim Curry does 40 minute interview on NPR.
He talks about Rocky Horror and his role as King Arthur in the new Monty Pyton play "Spam Alot".
Click Here

Posted: 03-05-05 is back online...

We are back online with more updates coming soon

Click Here

Posted: 03-05-05

Shock Treatment Costume Item on Ebay

Perry Bedden is selling his original Neely's Crew cap. This cap was the original, designed by Sue Blane for Shock Treatment. For the shoot it was decided the colours should be reversed. It is in excellent condition as he had it wrapped and hidden for all this time.

See the Auction

Posted: 03-02-05

RHPF to Publish Book

The Rocky Horror Preservation Foundation is looking to publish a new RHPS book, one written for, and by, the fans. In other words, you can participate in this book!

Over the next month, we will be accepting proposals for essay topics. An essay can be about anything at all, the movie, a con, an actor, an experience, being part of a cast, a theory, whatever.

After the deadlines for proposals has past, Cosmosfactory will list all the proposals and allow visitors to vote on which ones they would like to see in the book. The essays receiving the most votes will be published.

Click Here for More Info...

Posted: 02-26-05

What do you want to see?
Cosmo's Factory will be adding some new features and such over the next few weeks. What would you like to see added, corrected, or removed?

Your Name:


Posted: 03-02-05

New Question of the Month
Who is the only Rocky Horror Actor to have their face on a playing card?
Click Here

Answer to Previous Question
Click Here

Posted: 10-20-04

Rocky Ticket Stubs Needed...
The Rocky Horror Preservation Foundation is looking for ticket stubs from different Rocky Horror shows across the world. The stubs will be used on a 30th Anniversary poster to be printed.
Want more info? click here.

Posted: Daily
Sorry, We have nothing listed for 03-31-2005
So here is some random info for the day...

General Info - Eddie fumbled with Columbia white plastic belt. As heard in Hot Patootie

Posted: Daily
Question: What is the name of the machine that Magenta operates the controls of and what does it do?
Answer: Medusa, it turns people into stone.

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