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Posted: 4-25-02

Rocky Horror TV Movie Info.
Click Here

Posted: 4-22-03

Q of M
Question of the Month
Please Note: Q of M has moved to a part of the Forum. You must login before using it.

Posted: 4-22-03

New Crazy Captions
Please Note: Crazy Captions has moved to a part of the Forum. You must login before using it.

Posted: 4-21-03

Cosmo's Factory removes features.
Recently, we have removed two features of Cosmo's Factory. The first being the Fan Database. The fan database was removed because it was too easy to steal the email addresses from it for use in SPAM mail lists. Second was the Make-A-Flyer program. This was removed due to lack of activity.
Sorry for any inconvience this may have caused.

Posted: 4-11-03

Crazed Imaginations has a survey for everyone to take... Click Here
Posted: 3-10-03

Over the next few weeks, we will be removing a large majority of the Rocky Horror screen shots from Cosmo's Factory, and putting up new ones. The quality of some of those pictures are horrible and we feel with the current technology available, we should be able to post higher quality pictures. Please be patient.
Posted: Daily
  • 04-26-97: the last showing of RHPS at springfield mall. Submitted By: erin

  • 4-26-4997: The Rocky Horror Picture Show was cancelled for the summer at GCC cinemas in Springfield. Submitted By: SketcH Quinn

  • 04-26-1997: The last time I saw Rocky Horror. We watched it after prom with a bunch of prim and proper virgins, and I taught them all the naughty stuff. Im glad my crusade is proving to be worthwhile, and that all my messages are proving to be long-winded! Submitted By: A Regualr Frankie Fan

  • 04-26-1983: Happy Birthday alana

  • Posted: Daily
    Question: What did John Comfort do in the production of The Rocky Horror Show?
    Answer: Production Manager.


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